Good News Everyone! GoodNewsEveryone! is a "reactive ability" alert addon. If will display proc buffs the player should know about for decision making, and abilities that are only available under certain conditions. GNE! is inspired by OhSnap's design and MSBT's triggers.

Supported class buffs

Please note that "reactive" abilities like Kill Shot are not listed here as they are provided by the Blizzard Combat Text events. Also buffs that the player won't make decisions based on are not tracked by GNE! For example, Holy Concentration
  • Death Knight: Freezing Fog (Rime), Killing Machine
  • Priest: Essence of Life
  • Paladin: Light's Grace, Infusion of Light, The Art of War
  • Shaman: Tidal waves, Maelstrom Weapon, Elemental Focus (Clearcasting)
  • Druid: Omen of Clarity, Eclipse, Predator's Swiftness
  • Hunter: Lock and Load, Improved Steady Shot
  • Mage: Missle Barrage, Fingers of Frost, Brain Freeze
  • Warlock: Backdraft, Backlash, Decimation, Molten Core, Nightfall (Shadow Trance)
  • Warrior: Bloodsurge, Sudden Death
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