Rich Thorium Vein Spawn points #276

  • LasterOfDesaster created this issue Feb 7, 2021



    I recently got a message from a guild mate regaring the farming spots of Rich Thorium Veins (RTV) since he remembered they were much fewer in classic. Since GatherMate2 displays a lot of spawn points around Un'Goro Crater on the edges and in the middle comparing it to the spawn locations provided by WowHead it seems odd. You can clearly see that they don't match. WoWHead shows 23 locations (center 5, 2 at the west pylon and the remaining on the lower left bottom side. GatherMate ingame shows them AND spots all around the edges.


    When I first installed GatherMate I always run the whole zone and it took me a very long time to realize: On the right side there will never be any spawn locations.


    I looked into the sources and the SavedVariables file for GatherMate contains some structure of "parent element" GatherMate2MineDB with several child elements which seem like MapIds. Those MapId elements contain some long numer (presumably coordinates) and the GatherMate interla object key (RTV 215). 


    Since I wasn't able to convert the long number to any meaningfull coordinates, I'd like to know

     - what data is used to generate the spawn location

     - how to read those long numbers and what are they used for

     - is it planned to change the locations to the "real ones"


    Thank you for your time and have a nice day :D

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