Onyx Eggs > Treasure #274

  • Defect
  • KsGamer82 created this issue Jan 24, 2021

    I know this is kind of an old item to be bringing up considering this goes back to MoP xpac, but the GatherMate2 system no longer records, tracks, or displays onyx eggs in the area they can be found. Steps taken were first to install the GatherMate2 addon and GatherMate2_Data, start wow, login to character, import the GatherMate2_Data, and go through filters taking everything off except for treasures > Onyx Eggs. After that, noticed there were no nodes for Onyx Eggs on the map, so I tried finding an egg to loot, just to find the node wasn't recorded for future use.

  • KsGamer82 added a tag Defect Jan 24, 2021

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