Automatically generate and announce optimal spirit totem assignments during the Gara'jal encounter in Mogu'shan Vaults. Highly customizable with numerous helpful features.


  • Automatically computes the optimal player assignment when each spirit totem drops, announcing it via raid warning and whispers.
  • Graphical configuration lets you define detailed priority and order for players to be assigned to the totems, subject to debuff constraints. Intelligent defaults work out-of-the-box.
  • Intelligently adjusts to changing fight conditions, including mechanics such as Voodoo Doll, Frail Soul, Crossed Over and Spiritual Innervation, as well as deaths and disconnects.
  • Automatically rotates dps through the spirit phase (subject to priority and constraints) to maximize dps cooldown usage.
  • Optionally prioritize healer assignments based on current mana
  • Optionally set raid icons on players assigned to totems, providing a visual cue to coordinate totem killing
  • Optionally announce Spiritual Innervation buff magnitudes upon returning from spirit phase
  • Optionally announce additional text with each player sent to the totem (eg healing assignment)
  • Tunable dps/heal assignment mix for each difficulty level
  • NEW in 2.0: Status window shows the real-time status of all debuffs and players sorted by priority
  • Correctly handles announcement even while the raid leader is in the spirit phase
  • Very efficient - automatically enables/disables when you enter/leave the boss room
  • International language support - Apply translations HERE

Several additional features are planned and still under development.


  • Install as usual. Only ONE person in raid needs the addon (the leader or assistant).
  • Everything works "out of the box" with intelligent defaults
  • To see the current roster or tweak configuration, type "/ga config", click the LDB broker, or navigate to the addon in Blizzard options.
  • All players to be considered for totems must have assigned raid roles, you will be prompted to role check if needed.
  • If multiple players are running the addon, it will elect a single announcer at the first voodoo doll and all other copies are disabled for that fight. This election favors the raid leader.
  • Warning: Many boss mods (DBM, BigWigs etc) default to setting raid icons on voodoo dolls. If you're using the raid icon feature of this addon it's highly recommended that you disable raid icons in those boss mods for every assist or lead in the raid, otherwise they may conflict in confusing ways.

Bug reports or feature requests

  • Please direct any bug reports or feature requests to the wowace ticket system
  • Bug reports in comments will be deleted

Thanks to all testers, and especially the raiders of <Fables> on US-Antonidas


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