This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Since Fubar is no more and Fubar2Broker isnt a permanent solution i completely ported it to LDB, the addon is here : http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/broker_addon_ctrl.aspx, so with that change i stopped this project. if any1 wants to take over feel free to pm me.

Is now LDB compatible if you use FuBar2Broker

Is now AddonLoader compatible - loaded delayed

  • Lets you enable disable addons in game without logging out.
  • Lets you quick reload the UI.
  • You are able to save addon sets that you can easily reload at any time.
  • You can hide certain addons for certain characters.
  • Different sorting options for addons (atm only grouping by Name possible)

This addon uses modifier keys a lot, meaning if you hold down SHIFT, CTRL or ALT and press or mouseover stuff different things will happen. This is the complete list of what you can do.

ALT key (is used for all kinds of addon hiding /showing)

  • ALT+click a normal addon entry lets you hide it
  • ALT+click a group name will show all hidden addons for this group again
  • ALT+click the FuBar icon reloads the UI
  • ALT+mouseover the FuBar icon shows the list with hidden addons that you can show them again

SHIFT key (for loading / enabling stuff)

  • SHIFT+click a normal addon to load it on demand if possible
  • SHIFT+click a group will enable / disable the whole group
  • SHIFT+click the Fubar icon has no functionality
  • SHIFT+mouseover the FuBar icon shows a list with Sets you can load (you can also do this in the right click menu)

CTRL key (miscelaneous stuff)

  • CTRL+click normal addon has no functionality
  • CTRL+click a group will collapse / open ALL nodes
  • CTRL+click the Fubar icon has no funtionality
  • CTRL+mouseover the FuBar icon has no functionality

Grouping Options : (atm only 1 avail)

  • There are a few hardcoded groups that group addons together, like auctioneer which has many modules which start with different characters, also the group LDB addons is hardcoded and quite a few more i personally know of. The rest of the addons gets grouped if a certain amount of characters at the start of the name or title of the addon match each other. This is set to 4 by default and means if 4 characters at the start match, a group will be created. You can influence that behaviour by modifying the setting "Grouping Chars Start" and setting it to your desired amount. The higher this number, the fewer addons will group together and vice versa.

Want to help translate it, go here and translate some phrases... http://www.wowace.com/addons/fubar_mcpfu/localization/

Thx for your help.

ToDo / Know Issues :

  • just figured that if you dont have an addon any more it still remains on the hidden list. you can remove it there by just clicking it but should write an algorythm that automaticly removes non existing addons from that list on each new login.


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