Keeps track of your current location.

German translation: Chinkuwaila

TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_LocationFu folder into
\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\

Embedded Libraries: TouristLib by Boss.

Shows you current zone/subzone.
Shows status of the current area.
Shows the standard latitude, longitude coordinates for WoW, for both your current position, and if viewing the map, the position under your cursor.
Shows the level range of your current zone.
Shows the instances in your current zone.
Shows the recommended zones/instances you should go to (based on level and friendliness of the area).
On the map, hovering over a zone lists the level of the zone, all the instances, and their levels. It also shows the friendliness of the zone.
Clicking opens the world map.
Ctrl-clicking will open atlas.
Shift-clicking puts information in your chat box, to send to others.

If you find _any_ bugs, feel free to submit them at

If you want to request any features, feel free to submit your ideas at


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