A FuBar plugin to show Recount.

(Need the Broker version that has even more features? See here for details!)

The original version of this addon was simply intended to provide a convenient FuBar icon from which the main window for the Recount addon could be shown/hidden by a simple toggle-click and a handy drop-down menu from which to access the main menu options of Recount.

From this basic starting point, other contributors have added additional features to allow the addon to display information read from the meters in the plugin's toolbar text and a summary of additional information in the plugin's tooltip available when the user hovers the cursor over the plugin's FuBar icon.

Until such a time as Recount might provide its own FuBar plugin functionality, this addon is available to all users of Recount who wish to access its functionality from their FuBar menu-bars.

Grateful thanks from the original author is freely given to all those who have helped extend and improve this addon by the addition of new features or the fixing and troubleshooting of existing features.

More information about the Recount addon is available here:



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