This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Not gonna work on this any more since i am planning to convert this to LDB base, if by any chance some1 wants to continue this project, pls pm me.

This addon gives you the possibility to monitor your pots and also your herbs and other ingreedients along with it, it also calculatates how many pots you can make from the reagents you have on all chars and you can browse the data and find where those reagents are located.

For this addon to work at full capacity it needs to have at least Bagnon / Bagnon Forever or OneView / OneStorage installed so it saves all your inventory and bank data and PotHerbFu can use this data to evaluate the rest. Atm i am not sure if OneView is working properly ... i am waiting for OneStorage3 to get ready then i test it with it.

First time setup after install :

  1. Log to your alchemist and import all pots available by using the menu (Gather data) or just use a CTRL click on the addon in the Fubar (if somehow it shouldnt work and you get probs importing (had that once and couldnt reproduce the problem) just reload the UI and right after reloading do the import again, hope it works then.
  2. Next hold CTRL and only then mouseover to open the tooltip and select pots / herbs / misc stuff you want to be displayed in regular tooltip (keep CTRL held while selecting, so you dont pop into the regular tooltip)
  3. Now i recommend to do a normal click on the addon. this will scan all your bags / bank from bagnon or oneview. if it complains it hasnt found any data then you have to install one of those addons.
  4. Do a SHIFT click on the addon to calculate the amount of pots you can make from the herbs.

Additionally you can add items of your choice to monitor with the menu add from bag or name or id function

If you want to you can set up limits for items / pots when they should be green and when they turn red, so you can see at one glance where you need to take action and where you are safe.

Functionality :

Main Button

  • Regular click : refreshes the info gathered from Oneview / Bagnon
  • SHIFT Click : calculates all pots you can make with the present data at hand
  • CTRL Click : imports all pot recipes (only if this char is an alchemist)
  • ALT Click : resets ALL settings, including the limits you set and the selections you made

MouseOver Main Button

  • Regular : just shows the normal tooltip and displays the stuff you want to monitor
  • ALT : just shows the normal tooltip but displays ALL items available and their values
  • CTRL : shows the configuration tooltip where you can select what to monitor
  • SHIFT : shows the overall stats and time of last scan / pot calculation

Regular Tootltip

  • Regular Click : shows the selected item detailed view in the top part of the tooltip
  • ALT+SHIFT Click: on any item, hides the detailed data again

CTRL Tooltip

  • Regular Click : selects/ deselects an entry (tooltip will switch to regular view after action)
  • CTRL Click : selects/ deselects an entry (tooltip stays in this mode)
  • CTRL+ALT Click: remove the item and its settings completely (can be reimported with the pot import, or manual import)

For Developers :

  • call function : PotHerbFu:GetItemUrgencyValue(itemName)
  • returns a number : from 0-100 where 100 is the most urgent (red) and 0 is no urgency at all (green) and the date of the last item scan in format date("%A, %B %d, %Y - %H:%M"), returns -1 if item not found example :

if (PotHerbFu) then

local urgency , uDate = PotHerbFu:GetItemUrgencyValue(itemName);

if (urgency > -1) then

local found,_,wDay,month,day,year,hour,min = string.find(uDate,"(%a+), (%a+) (%d+), (%d+) %- (%d+):(%d+)");

if (found) then

use date and urgency as you wish to evaluate it





  • localization implemented properly via wowace
  • some tweaks
  • bagnon support added
  • minor bugfixes


  • converted to patch 2.4
  • added a lot more functinality
  • fixed some menu bugs
  • added complete translation strings
  • adjusted to work with all languages now
  • implemented icon
  • implemented lots of hints
  • totally rewrote inport routine
  • implemented icons in tooltip
  • many more i cant think of


  • converted to patch 2.0
  • added some minor improvements


  • fixed one small bug that erased some data when you had certain stuff in mailbox
  • added char display
  • added 2 new menu options along with it
  • added display of last scan time / pot calc time
  • added overall stats


  • first release


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