This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


FSwapper3 (Fishing Swapper) will automatically switch from a Fishing Pole to the weapons you had equipped last when you enter combat. If this switch occurs, once you leave combat your fishing pole will be equipped automatically. This makes it so if a high level mob, or another player, attacks you while you're fishing - you don't waste time searching for your weapons in your bags.

Additionally, there is an "Auto Loot" feature that applies only to Fishing Loot (from right clicking your bobber). What FSwapper3 Auto Loots depends on filters you set, i.e. Quest Items, Extravaganza fish, certain item Qualities (leave the junk in the ocean), Dalaran fountain coins.

Important Note Regarding Patch 3.3

Blizzard has killed the addon. Sorry. For the time being I do not foresee any future updates; however, I will try to contact Blizzard to see if this is a bug or intended.

!!NEW AUTO LOOT FEATURE!! (v3.1.1.5)

See the Auto Loot section below.


If you are interested in helping to translate FSwapper3 go to http://www.wowace.com/projects/fswapper3/localization/

Note, localization releases have unfortunately been pushed back due to the new Data Broker feature. I need the new texts to be updated please.


  • Fully compatible with RSwapper3 (also on Curse)
  • MAY conflict with other weapon swapping add-ons, no others were tested.



  • x87Bliss (Dayofthedead - Retaliation)


  • Russian (70.6%)
    • Hemathio
  • Traditional Chinese (100%)
    • a9012456


Use /fswapperg, /fs3g or /fswapper3 Options to show the options menu

Note: The "Weapon" options page is only to show what FSwapper3 currently knows your wepaons to be. These are set automatically, so there are no user configurable options on this page.

Macro Commands:

  • /fswapper3 and /fswapper are equivalent.
    • /fswapper3 GoFish - Equips your last used Fishing Pole.
    • /fswapper3 GoFight - Equips your last used Weapons.
    • /fswapper3 DoSwap - Switches between your Fishing Pole and Weapons.
    • /fswapper3 MacroHelp - Displays brief help making FSwapper3 macros. For more detailed help see http://www.wowace.com/projects/fswapper3/pages/macros/

Auto Loot:

The Auto Loot feature is accessed through the options menu (/fs3g et al). It shows a list of filters, and an enable option. To use it, you must check Enable, then check the filters of the items you WANT to Auto Loot.

Then make sure NOT to use the standard Auto Loot (shift-click, Interface options, etc..). When you click your bobber, you want it to be as if you are going to manually select the fish.

Once you right-click your bobber (FSwapper3's Auto Loot only works from fishing loot), FSwapper3 will immediately grab each of the items matching the chosen filters. This happens so fast, that it's usually done before the loot window is even drawn. The items automatically move into your inventory. This saves both time and space - since you can leave the junk in the ocean.

If FSwapper3 happens to grab everything, the loot window will automatically be closed. If there are some items left, the loot window will remain open in case you want to manually loot what's left. If not, you can either close the window, or to save even more time, you can just recast and the loot window will be closed.

The "Fishing Tournament!" filter is for all 4 related fish: Speckled Tastyfish, Keefer's Angelfish, Dezian Queenfish, and Brownell's Blue Striped Racer.

Equipment Manager:

This feature is in beta testing. Please provide feedback by adding comments below. To set it up:

  1. Type /fs3g, and go to the "Equipment Manager" tab.
  2. Drag fishing equipment into the corresponding spots.

Now whenever you use the FSwapper3 Macro commands (or by the Data Broker), your appropriate gear will be equipped. I highly recommend following the link in the Macro Command section to see an example macro which will equip your fishing gear and cast on left-click, then equip your normal gear on right-click.

Data Broker:

Special thanks go to Jeania for giving me the idea. If you have an add-on that supports Data Brokers, such as Titan Panel, you can now interact with FSwapper3 through that with many enhancements.

(v3.1.0.3) The Data Brokers should be found under a Tradeskill, or Profession category on your Data Broker add-on (Titan Panel). There are two Data Brokers related to FSwapper3.

  • Data Broker - FSwapper3:
    • The FSwapper3 Data Broker text will show current status of if FSwapper3 is enabled/disabled, if you have a fishing pole equipt, and if you are in combat mode (you had a fishing pole out, but FSwapper had to switch to weapons for combat).
    • Mouse over the Data Broker text for useful tooltips! You can click the data broker to quickly swap between your weapons and fishing pole.
  • Data Broker - Fishing Skill: (v3.1.0.3)
    • The Fishing Skill Data Broker just shows your current fishing skill. It also reflects bonuses due to lure's or fishing gear. You can click this Data Broker to change between three display formats, "Skill(+Bonus)/Max", "Skill/Max", or "Skill". Note that for the latter two formats, the Skill will be the sum of your base skill and any bonuses.

Please provide feedback (positive, negative, suggested changes) on this new feature! I'd greatly appreciate it.

Final Notes:

If you find any errors or bugs or whatever, please comment or post a ticket.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to try FSwapper3.


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