I've started the Legion process.. I've found the new Defiled Augmentation which will replace the draenor augmentation runes... still need to do the flasks - updates will be coming out quickly until I get the latest flasks - food buffs look to be working well now

I've been away from WOW for a while, but I'm back and will be updating FlaskMinder for Legion shortly

2015/07/02 v6.2.1.001
Wowzers, once again, not updated in a whiole - so I've updated this addon for Warlords of Draenor - and also, with the new Augmentation Runes, I decided to add the new buffs for them - you can turn Runes warning on or off the same as food ... This is really helping me as it's easy to lose track of my runes while raiding.

I'm planning to add a "allow guild" and "allow friends list" just have to figure out how and get a bit of time for it.

2012/11/27 v5.1.0.001
So, I haven't updated this description in a while... so here's the current status.. the official release is v5.0.4.002, but I've got ready to roll out as soon as patch 5.1 hits (it's just a TOC change as they're not adding any new flasks or elixirs as far as I know)

2011/04/26 v0.2.1e
Don't know where D went... oh well - tested with patch 4.1... all seems well. Updated TOC

2011/01/05 v0.2.1c
Apologies for the multiple quick releases - There was a critical error in esES and exMX localization files that was breaking the addon... I fixed those and then while running an instance with my updated version, I got warned even though I had an elixir that I ~thought~ I had included. Turns out I had use the Item name instead of the spell name. Many flasks and elixirs use same name for both, but dome do not.

Went through a couple rounds of that before I got everything.

Again, sorry, but I think we're good now.

2009/11/18 v0.1.1
Localization support enabled for esES, esMX, and deDE

For deDE, it's a combination of help from the user Lesyde, de.wowhead.com, and good ol' google translation

For esES and esMX, there's really no distinction. I made it so that the flasks and elixirs would proc, but all configuration pages currently show in English as I haven't had time to translate anything.

Due to Russian, Chinese, and Korean being completely incomprehensible to me, they may not happen for some time.
2009/11/12 **  v0.1.0_beta
Localization support enabled for enUS and frFR.

Granted, it's kind of bad GoogleFrench for the descriptions and such, but the important bit (the part that detects buffs) actually should work with the French client. Hoping to get a few other languages working soon.

FlaskMinder is an addon that will remind you when your flask (or elixirs) and (optionally) food buffs about to expire

With the recent changes to flasks (changing from 2 hr to 1 hr) my guildies and I have been noticing a lot more frequent "oops didn't notice my flask ran out"

Make sure to play with the configuration options (Blizzard Config options: FlaskMinder or chat command /fm) to set up how / when you are notified.

By default, it will check your buffs every minute when you are in a raid instance.

If its too spammy, I'm thinking of doing a "don't bother me if in combat", though I LIKE to know that my flask / elixir is up in combat as well. It already doesn't bother you for food buffs in combat since you can't do anything about it then anyway.

This should be really simple and lightweight. Just automatically monitor time left on flask/elixir and food buff and do some complaining if they're about to run out.

Maybe have some kind of option to remind if you enter into a boss fight without a flask buff too, though this would have to be configurable since some folks might not want this distraction. Also, if it's not easy to detect that you're IN boss fight (I know DBM does it, but I don't know how much work it would be to mimic that functionality, or maybe I could make it receive comms from DBM?)

Maybe make it provide a grayed out button for use flask / use food that would ungray 5-10 minutes before buff ran out? Don't know if I could manage all that right now, but might be a way to go in future.

Possibly make a raid leader version that would check food/flask of others and warn them, though this could get spammy and/or annoying.

Maybe add rogue poisons too


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