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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Fish Warden is designed to automatically grab the fish you want, without wasting bag space on junk as with the in-game auto loot. Think of it as a selective auto loot for fishing.


If you have any issues or suggestions, please submit a ticket on, or if you really prefer you can leave a comment on the project page. Tickets are much easier to track, and are much more likely to be seen by me. If you have any suggestions for new filters, please include as much information as possible - what fish should be included, what is the reason for the filter, etc..

Slash Commands

  • Open the Fish Warden configuration
    • /fishwarden
    • /fward



  • Fish Warden ONLY auto loots fishing loot. Fish Warden ignores and will not auto loot any loot that was not obtained by fishing.
  • Any fish that Fish Warden does NOT auto loot will remain in the loot window. You may manually loot the leftovers, or just close the loot window. See the "Automatically release unwanted fish." option in the "Main Page" section for an alternate behavior.
  • All of the filters use "OR" logic. That is to say that if a certain fish meets the requirements of ANY of the selected filters, it will be auto looted.
  • All configuration options are stored per character.

Main Page

  • Enable - Enables/Disables Fish Warden's selective auto looting. Make sure you also select filters for the fish you want to keep.
  • Automatically release unwanted fish.
    • After each catch there will be a summary in the chat window of which fish were kept, and which were released. If you are trying for a specific set of fish, consider using the Custom filter.
    • CAREFUL This option automatically discards items that don't fit into any selected keep filter. Choose your filters carefully when using this option to prevent potential rare losses.
    • Fish Warden will NOT automatically close the loot window if it failed to loot an item for any reason. This should protect against item loss in case of an error and during times of high latency.
  • Advanced Options - Use Verbose Mode - Prints when other addons make changes to Fish Warden via the API.


  • Each achievement listed on this page is an achievement that requires you to obtain items via fishing.
    • Fish Warden will only auto loot the fish that you still need for each selected achievement. In other words, it won't auto loot the same gold coin twice.
    • Completed achievements are highlighted with green text.


  • Each item quality is listed on this page. Selecting these filters will enable auto looting of ALL items of that quality.
    • I understand there are no fishable items of certain qualities, like heirloom; however, the option is there for the future.


  • Quest Item - Any item that is for a quest will be auto looted.
  • Item Level >= ___ - Automatically grab any fish whose item level is at least this value.
  • Sell Price >= __g__s__c - Automatically grab any fish that can be sold to a vendor for at least this value.
  • Fish Feast - Any fish required to make a Fish Feast will be auto looted.
  • Seafood Magnifique Feast - Similar to Fish Feast.
  • Crates and Clams - Any item that can be opened for more loot. See:
  • Equippable Items - Any item that can be equipped. See:
  • Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza - Any of the four fish available during this tournament will be auto looted: Speckled Tastyfish, Brownell's Blue Striped Racer, Dezian Queenfish and Keefer's Angelfish.
  • Kalu'ak Fishing Derby - Blacktip Shark will be auto looted


  • Enable - Enables/Disables the custom filter
  • Type in a custom filter of multiple item names and/or item id numbers. Separate each with a colon (:) or a new line. Comment out lines with the pound sign (#).
    • While typing into the filter, you can shift click items from your inventory and item links from the chat window to add that item to the filter.
    • You may also access your trade skills and shift click the reagent icons to add them to the filter.
    • Shift clicked items will go on a new line as the item id number, with the name of the item commented out for your reference.
    • Item names are matched based on a partial search - i.e. typing "Cuttle" will allow auto looting "Moonglow Cuttlefish"
    • Any number is interpreted as an item id number, item numbers are matched on an exact basis.
    • You can find item id numbers by looking at the Wowhead urls for each item. Look for "item=###" but only type the ### into the filter text.
    • You can also blacklist an item by preceding its entry with a hyphen (-) - i.e. typing "-Cuttle" will block auto looking "Moonglow Cuttlefish"
      • Any blacklisted fish will not be looted by Fish Warden, even if it matches some other selected filter.


  • This page just describes the advanced syntax of the Custom filter.

API (v4.0.3.15)

A new API feature for Fish Warden is in development. It is designed for other addon authors to be able to cleanly interact with Fish Warden. If you have ideas for new API functions, submit a ticket.

The API is documented in "api.txt" and implemented in "api.lua"

Translations Needed

If you can personally translate from English to another language please follow the above link to help. Any user with a Curse account can translate. PLEASE DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE OR OTHER AUTOMATED TRANSLATORS. The generated text is often incorrect and/or confusing.

Any new translations will be added to Fish Warden on the next version release.



  • x87bliss


  • French (frFR) (35.3%)
    • ckeurk
    • dutorien
  • German (deDE) (35.3%)
    • nir
  • Korean (koKR) (29.4%)
    • Sayclub
  • Russian (ruRU) (35.3%)
    • StingerSoft
    • KAPMA
  • Simplified Chinese (zhCN) (35.3%)
    • ananhaid
  • Traditional Chinese (zhTW) (35.3%)
    • ananhaid


As always my donation policy is simple. The button is there for you to use IF YOU WANT TO. Aside from this brief message, I will never ask, demand or beg for donations. You should never feel as if you must donate. I will never threaten to cease development solely due to lack of donations. However, I do greatly appreciate any and all donations.

Additionaly, it is important to note that this is not a registered charity. Therefore, any and all donations are NOT tax deductible.


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