famBags is a player bags and bank override add-on. It's heavily influenced by Baggins and its main goal is that you have complete control over the organization and look & feel of your inventory, all this supported by a vast set of configuration options and features including:

  • Supports SharedMedia and Masque
  • Multi-stack mode feature
  • Bags organization: [All in one bag], [Normal bags], [Custom categories]
  • Items ordering
  • Max. buttons per row
  • Ignorable keyring contents
  • Sections layout
  • Items layout
  • Quality look & feel
  • Indicators for key slots and multiple stacks
  • Indicators for new item and item stock incremented
  • Items stock text layout
  • Bags and bank windows look & feel
  • Money frame on bags look & feel
  • Bank bag slots look & feel
  • Player bag slots look & feel
  • Custom categories management
  • Sections based con custom categories and normal bags look & feel
  • LDB display showing empty/total slots. Left click for open bags and right click for options.
  • LDB display showing money and currencies tracked via Blizzard currency tracking system
  • Key binding to toggle bags

What? You don't want all this pain in your life? Don't worry... there are presets!!

Presets now include 'Della Casa'. This is the one shown as portrait in WoWAce/Curse. You'll need SharedMedia, pHish Media and Masque_Darion to see it shinning but its not mandatory.

Commands for options: /fam, /fambags

You can open famBags bags by assigning a keybind to "Open all bags" or "famBags/Open bags". Also left click on LDB display will do the trick.

This add-on is my personal contribution to this great community, I hope you enjoy it.

You can now post comments here. For bug reports, enhancements and so on, please use the tickets system.

Oh, oh! It needs translations, so if you can help on that will be awesome! XD

Notes for translators:

  • Phrases in namespace InGame_Translations must be done exactly as it appears in your game client, including Capitalization. The item types and subtypes you can find it in the search tree of your Action House.

Translations progress: All languages are on-line! Special thanks to:

  • German: argonaut, webwatcher, Farook, tanky, tom94, overfiend1988
  • French: aktaurus, LaMaG
  • Russian: StingerSoft, Parasrus, BOOBLIK, KVVV
  • Korean: shrsy
  • Simplified Chinese: zhTW
  • Traditional Chinese: skyey2003, qst1222, a9012456, zhTW

Wiki coming one of this days :)

As a couple guys have asked here is a donate link. I'm saving for a Red Bull!! :D

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