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This addon is a rotation helper framework. If you are looking for a proper rotation helper with out of the box functionality, look elsewhere.


I plan to make this addon accomplish a task similar to oUF, only instead of applying it towards unit frames, I intend to apply it towards rotation helpers. It is meant to be a class and talent neutral framework that will allow a user to add a list of spells to cast and conditions under which to cast them, and have suggestions displayed for when to cast each.


Using this mod is not for the technically challenged. It requires some knowledge of Lua's syntax, and your spell casting priority.

What a Rotation Helper Is (and What It Isn't)

A rotation helper is a display, consisting of frame(s), auditory warnings, etc. that suggests which spell you should cast next in order to achieve the highest DPS. It tracks the player and target's buffs/debuffs and the cooldowns of various spells in order to achieve this. There are a few caveats, however:

  • This mod will NOT always be correct. There are some instances where doing things in an unusual order or at a different time will result in higher net DPS.
  • This mod will NOT play the game for you, or allow you mash only one key. It merely displays a suggestion, you must still take the action.
  • This mod does NOT cover AoE DPS, item cooldowns, proc ICDs, tanking rotations, or healing rotations. If you're looking for any one of these features, please look elsewhere.






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