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Assigned to _ForgeUser1093118
  • DamonRa created this issue Aug 3, 2012

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    Curse Client, Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2

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    Date: 2012-08-03 17:27:32 ID: 3 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\EveryQuest\events.lua line 63: bad argument #3 to 'format' (number expected, got nil) Debug: (tail call): ? [C]: ? EveryQuest\events.lua:63: ?() ...Tom\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147: ...Tom\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147 [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:4: [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:4 [C]: ? [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:13: ?() ...Tom\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:92: Fire() ...ace\AddOns\TomTom\libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0.lua:120: ...ace\AddOns\TomTom\libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0.lua:119 AddOns: Swatter, v3.2.4 (<%codename%>) WowheadLooter, v40020 NPCScan, v4.3.0.2 NPCScanAutoAdd, v1.1 NPCScanOverlay, v4.3.0.1 NPCScanOverlayBroker, v1.1.3 AckisRecipeList, v2.3.1 AckisRecipeListQuickScan, v4.3.0.-1.0.7 Altoholic, v4.3.003 ArchDB, v1.6 Atlas, v1.21.1 AtlasBattlegrounds, v1.21.1 AtlasBurningCrusade, v1.21.0 AtlasClassicWoW, v1.21.0 AtlasDungeonLocs, v1.21.0 AtlasWorldEvents, v2.6 AtlasWrathoftheLichKing, v1.21.0 AtlasLoot, vv6.05.04 AtlasLootCataclysm, vv6.05.04 AtlasLootClasses, vv1.3.1 AtlasLootLoader, vv6.05.04 AtlasLootSource, vv0.3 AtlasLootAdvancedSearch, vv1.2.8 AtlasMajorCitiesEnhanced, vv0.20 AucAdvanced, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) AucFilterBasic, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) AucFilterOutlier, v5.13.5258.5187(5.13/embedded) AucMatchUndercut, v5.13.5258.5232(5.13/embedded) AucScanData, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) AucStatHistogram, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) AucStatiLevel, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) AucStatPurchased, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) AucStatSales, v5.13.5258.4838(5.13/embedded) AucStatSimple, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) AucStatStdDev, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) AucStatWOWEcon, v5.13.5258.4828(5.13/embedded) AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.13.5258.5133(5.13/embedded) AucUtilAppraiser, v5.13.5258.5241(5.13/embedded) AucUtilAskPrice, v5.13.5258.5160(5.13/embedded) AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.13.5258.5224(5.13/embedded) AucUtilCompactUI, v5.13.5258.5254(5.13/embedded) AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.13.5258.5241(5.13/embedded) AucUtilFixAH, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.13.5258.5224(5.13/embedded) AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.13.5258.5241(5.13/embedded) AucUtilScanButton, v5.13.5258.5153(5.13/embedded) AucUtilScanFinish, v5.13.5258.5153(5.13/embedded) AucUtilScanProgress, v5.13.5258.4979(5.13/embedded) AucUtilScanStart, v5.13.5258.5153(5.13/embedded) AucUtilSearchUI, v5.13.5258.5254(5.13/embedded) AucUtilSimpleAuction, v5.13.5258.5210(5.13/embedded) AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.13.5258.4828(5.13/embedded) Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.312(/embedded) BeanCounter, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) BGSpy, v1.2.0 Configator, v5.1.DEV.312(/embedded) DataStore, v4.3.001 DataStoreAchievements, v4.3.001 DataStoreAgenda, v4.3.001 DataStoreAuctions, v4.3.001 DataStoreCharacters, v4.3.001 DataStoreContainers, v4.3.001 DataStoreCrafts, v4.3.001 DataStoreCurrencies, v4.3.001 DataStoreInventory, v4.3.001 DataStoreMails, v4.3.001 DataStorePets, v4.3.001 DataStoreQuests, v4.3.001 DataStoreReputations, v4.3.001 DataStoreSpells, v4.3.001 DataStoreStats, v4.3.001 DataStoreTalents, v4.3.001 DBMCore, v DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.312(/embedded) dottracker, v2.28 Enchantrix, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) EnchantrixBarker, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) EveryQuest, v2.4.r217-release Factionizer, v4.3.0 FlightMap, v4.3.0-beta Gatherer, v3.2.4 GatherMate2, v1.16.5 GatherMateSharing, v1.3 GearScore, v4.11.00.00 Informant, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.319(/embedded) Loremaster, vv4.3.0.4 mountainomounts, vv1.2 OgriLazy, v1.1.0 OmniCC, v4.3.2 OpenRaid, vv1.1 Overachiever, v0.65 RaidAchievement, v1.092 RaidAchievementAchieveReminder, v Recount, v Reforgenator, v1.3.19 Stubby, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot) TipHelper, v5.12.DEV.315(/embedded) TomTom, vv40300-1.4.5 BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v4.3.4.40300 <us> (ck=d57)

    Steps to Reproduce

    I got on the "taxi service" in Dalaran heading to Utgarde.

    Installed Addons

    _NPCScan - _NPCScan _NPCScan.AutoAdd - _NPCScan.AutoAdd 1.1 _NPCScan.Overlay - _NPCScan.Overlay _NPCScan.Overlay.Broker - v1.1.3 Ackis Recipe List - 2.3.1 AckisRecipeList_QuickScan - 4.3.0.-1.0.7 Altoholic - Altoholic 4.3.003b ArchDB - ArchDB-1.6.zip Atlas - v1.21.1 Atlas Battlegrounds - v1.21.1 Atlas Burning Crusade - v1.21.0 Atlas Classic WoW - v1.21.0 Atlas Dungeon Locations - v1.21.0 Atlas World Events - v2.6 Atlas Wrath of the Lich King - v1.21.0 AtlasLoot Classes - v1.3.1 AtlasLoot Enhanced - v6.05.04 AtlasLoot_AdvancedSearch - v1.3 AtlasLoot_Source - v0.3b AtlasMajorCities Enhanced - b0.20-4.3.0 Auctioneer - Auctioneer Suite 5.13.5258 BG Spy - 1.2.0 Deadly Boss Mods - 4.10.14 Deadly Boss Mods - WotLK, BC and Vanilla mods - DBM-v4-r399 Old Content Mods DotTracker - 2.28 EveryQuest - r217-release Factionizer - 4.3.0 Release Flight Map - v4.3.0 Gatherer - 3.2.4 GatherMate_Sharing - v1.4.2 GatherMate2 - 1.16.5 GatherMate2_Data - v11.0 HealBot Continued - HealBot_VerticalAlign - HealBot_VerticalAlign Loremaster - v4.3.0.4 MountainOMounts - 1.2 Ogri'Lazy - 1.1 OmniCC - 4.3.2 OpenRaid - v1.1 Overachiever - achievement tools and tweaks - v0.65 PlayerScore - Version 4.11.02 RaidAchievement - 1.092 Recount - v4.3.0d release Reforgenator - v1.3.19 Tabard Addict - Tabard Addict v2.06 TomTom - v40300-1.4.5

  • DamonRa added the tags New Defect Aug 3, 2012

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