This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

EveryQuest is a Quest History tracker and quest list window. Integrates with Lightheaded to show any comments for any quest in the game. Create chat links by shift-clicking the quest name.

What's New

  • Go to Current Zone Button (r184) - Click the Book!
  • Custom coloring (r184)
  • Show if you've done that daily today using colors (above)
  • Race Filter (r177)
  • Class Filter (r177)
  • Cataclysm Data (r174)

In the Works

  • Updated EveryQuest:Quest Giver data
  • Quest Series information
  • Reputation lists and filters

Error Reports

Please direct all support requests to Wowace.

Before submitting error reports, reproduce the error with debugging on (in the main options window), if it's an import that you are doing, it will spam your default chat frame. I only need the last dozen or so lines of output.

Also, please be specific as to the version number of EveryQuest, WoW version, Locale (enUS, enGB, esES, etc.)

Lastly if it is a lua error (not something printed to your chat frame), provide a complete stack trace from an addon like Bug Grabber

Refrain from posting error reports to the comments section. Use a ticket instead


Wowace localization is now setup for all you world travelers! Visit the localization page to translate.

Opening the Window

To display the main quest list you have multiple options:

  1. If you are using the default questlog window, there will be a small button near the book icon with the letters "EQ" to toggle the window.
  2. If you are using a LibDataBroker display addon, such as Fortress, EveryQuest has its own launcher. Click the launcher to open the window. Right-click to open the options
  3. Bind the window the a key using the key bindings interface from the main menu.
  4. Type /everyquest

What does it do?

Quest History

As you complete quests in game, EveryQuest will keep track of which ones you have done. It also tracks which quests you've failed or abandoned so that you can easily get them again. Once you complete a quest, the date and time is saved to see when you did it. Additionally if the quest is a daily quest, it keeps a running total of how many times you've done the quest along with the most recent completion date.

Also you can query the server for quests you've completed prior to your first use of EveryQuest. Access this option from the options screen.

Quest List

EveryQuest comes with a database of quests available in game. These are browse able by quest category using the drop down menu at the top of the window. Quests in the list will change colors depending on there status (unknown, failed/abandoned, in progress, completed, turned in).

If you have LightHeaded loaded, clicking a quest will open the Lightheaded window the the quest you clicked on.

To create a quest link for insertion into the chat edit box, have the chat edit box open then shift-click the quest in the main window.


To filter the list of quests, click the Filters button on the main window or navigate to the filters window until the Blizzard Interface options. Changing these filters will update the window immediately.


There is a default sorting of the quest list. This can be changed using the weights and order options in the options window (Click Filters or Options in the main EveryQuest window to open the options window).

Manually Changing a Quests status

To manually change a quests status, right click it in the main window and select the new status from the menu. Having a quest on ignore is different then it's status. When a quest is on ignore the status will still update when you start doing it or complete it.

EveryQuest: Quest Givers

I finished up a quest giver module that mimics the functionality of Handynotes: Quest Givers but integrates EveryQuest quest history and filtering.


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