This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This addon makes tracking EP for reservists a breeze. This addon also requires EPGP (dkp reloaded) to work.

What does this addon do?

This addon is usable for guilds using EPGP. Suppose you have 30 raiders and you can only bring 25 to the instance; you end up with 5 people "on standby" (reservists as our raidforce calls them). The people on standby earn as much EP as the raiders, but keeping track of this is a lot of paperwork. This addon catches the recurring EP awards and awards those to the people on the reserve list. If a reservist joins the raid, a popup is shown and the EP officer can award the person the reserve EP. The reservist can play the game on an alt or hangout in ventrilo while the addon tracks their EP.

The Reservist list

The addon works semi-automatic. People whisper the word "Reserve" to the person handling the recurring EP. They will be put on a list. When they join the raid, a popup will show asking you to award them their reserve EP. The addon tracks the EP "pulses" and adds them to the people in the list (if a person on the list is also in the raid; the addon will ignore that persons reserve EP). The reservelist is on character name only; so if the person whispers Reserve on an alt; it won't work. It looks like this:

Johndoe whispers to you: reserve

You whisper to Johndoe: [EPGPreserve]: You are now registered as reservist; be sure to be on standby.

Johndoe expressed that he wants to be reserve, his whisper added Johndoe to the list. Since the list is saved betweens sessions; you might want to manually clear the list at raidstart. If all goes well, the list should be empty at raidend (all awards have been handed out and people not present were removed from the list)

The Popup

So if someone who is on the reserve list (and has earned reservist EP) joins the raid a popup shows with three buttons:

The reservist Johndoe is in the raid.

Reservist EP: 750

[ Award EP ]- hand out the EP and removes the person from the list.

[ Remove from the list ] - remove from the list and do not award EP.

[ Close window ]- keep the person on the list and do not award EP.

Just press the button corresponding to the action you want to perform.


/epgpr add <name> Add someone to the list.

/epgpr remove <name> Remove someone to the list.

/epgpr clearList Clear the reservist list.

/epgpr showList Shows you the reservist list.

/epgpr announce <channel> Announce the reservist list in the guild/raid/officer channel (if channel is omitted, it will be announced in guild channel)

/epgpr award <name> Award the reserve EP to the person.

/epgpr raidend Show popups for everyone in the list.

Raid End awards

If the raid is over and the fill-up EP (if any) has been handed out, it's time to award the reservists who haven't join the raid. You can do two things here now;

1) manually award: show or announce the list, ask the reservists to report as present. Use the /epgpr award <name> slashcommand to award the reserve EP or remove the person from the list by using the /epgpr remove <name> command.


2) use the /epgpr raidend slashcommand. This will show the popupdialog for the people in the list (in the order which they appear in the list). Ask for the person to report as present and press the corresponding button.

Alts and EP

Alts should not whisper to as reservists. If someone joins a raid on an alt, the EPGP addon will automatically redirect the EP and GP awards to their main (provided their main's name is in the officernote). The EPGPreservists addon tracks the EP based on the names in a list. People do not have to be on their main for tracking and awarding EP.

Relogging during the raid

The EPGPresevists addon stores the list in a permanent variable; if you have to relog the list is saved. If your game crashes, the list is probably lost since the game doesn't have time to save the list right before it decides to crash. If the EPGP officer switches to another character, the reservelist doesn't move to that other character so keep that in mind if the EP officer has to switch to an alt (which in general is a bad idea for the EP officer to do).


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