EPGPLoot2 is a set of need/roll frames for raiding guild that use EPGP as loot priority system. It is created to speed up the loot distribution. Version one was used by my guild <Elysium> EU-Earthen Ring, I have rewritten the entire addon since as EPGPLoot2.

3.0 Updated for Warlords of Draenor

Thanks to Iacha for this release.

2.7 Actual Mists of Pandaria support

Fixed issues caused by Mists of Pandaria API changes.

2.6 Mist of Pandaria support

Known issue: the 'ignored item' list will be expanded soon.

2.3.0 change: Alt support

EPGP supports alts by setting the main character name in the officer notes. EPGPLoot2 now supports this feature as well; alt EPGP values are taken from their mains; thay keep their rank for priority purpose (mains get priority over alts).

2.2.0 change: Reservist rank

Important, this version is NOT backwards compatible. All raiders will have to upgrade to 2.2.0!

In 2.2.0 a new rank setting is introduced in the Masterlooter settings. Friends and Alt of the raiders in the guild can join farm raids and "roll" for loot. Trialists have more buttons available to them as well. Priority is quite similar to before:

Raider Need > Trialist Need > Raider Minor Upgrade > Trialist Minor Upgrade > ALL rolls > pass

So rolls have the same weight regardless of rank.

2.1.0 change: Farm content support

Version 2.1.0 introduces a new feature: farm level content. The masterlooter can set the iLevel as farm threshold; all items of this iLevel or below will become Free-For-All loot. You keep the benefit of quick looting for shards and no need for swapping between grouploot and masterlooter when attempting hardmodes.

If your raidgroup is farming content and hand items out for offspec or free of GP charge; EPGPLoot2 has the solution to handle this. For example; your 25 mans are clearing Ulduar and are attempting hardmodes. The normal modes are considered farm content. The masterlooter can set itemlevel 232 as farm threshold; this way all normal Ulduar items become Free-For-All roll items but hardmode loot will still be a need/greed affair based on priority.

The addon includes a conversion table that automatically treats tokens as the corresponding iLevel gear.

Important update for masterlooters using EPGPLoot2

In version 2.0.7 the context menu to set the disenchanter has been removed. I received bug reports and fleaky behaviour traced down to a problem with the default interface (see comments section below). To set the raid disenchanter use the slash command:

/epgploot2 setsharder Bob

Where Bob is the name of the character to shard the items.

What does it do?

The masterlooter (automagically) activates the addon upon looting. All raiders will get a popup dialogs asking for their loot preference for each piece of loot. The responses are returned to the masterlooter where the addon helps distributing the loot.

The basic Need/Minor Upgrade/Offspec/Pass dialog

Masterlooter in action

This dialog shows the masterlooter popup. When looting a corpse (configured to trigger at the loot threshold) this dialog appears.

Masterlooter popup

'start' initiates the need/greed/roll dialogs for each raidmember.

'end bidding' is used to end the need/greed/roll round early.

'recalculate' is used to recalculate the winners (if EPGP scores have changed while looting).

Hover over the coin to see the needer/rollers for that item. Click the coin to masterloot the item to the winner. Note; for automatic looting, the masterlooter must remain looting for it to work (Warcraft can only send items to players while in looting mode).


The addon is based on using the EPGP values in the officer notes. The guild therefore has to use the EPGP system for the addon to work. It is not required for raidmembers to have the EPGP addon, the EPGPLoot2 addon however is required for every member in the raid.

Raider settings

Raiders can set a couple of preferences, these are mainly to increase the speed of the looting.

Auto pass unusable. Automatically pass on items you cannot use.

Auto pass when AFK. If you do a /afk you will automatically pass on all loot for as long as you are AFK flagged.

Auto pass on lower armor type. Rogues will automatically pass on cloth etc. If it is a downgraded armortype, you will pass on it. The only exception to this rule is back-items- cloaks are usually of cloth type.

Auto pass exceptions. However, some items are exceptions- due to itemisation it is possible that a leather item is better than a mail item for hunters. Type the itemnumbers here and you override the autopass feature for those items.

Wishlist. Type the itemnumbers here and you will automatically 'need' those items. Keep in mind that unusable overrules this automatic need. If the item is not of your main armortype- you will automatically send a 'minor upgrade' signal.

Masterlooter settings

Raiderrank The lowest rank where full lootrules apply- anything below this rank uses trialist rules. (Note this setting is being sent to all raiders during looting- their local setting has no effect).

Rarity threshold The minimum quality where EPGPloot should be triggered. Usually epic for raids.

Raider Roll Items Items only raiders are allowed to roll to; (for example mounts).

Free For All Roll items Items all players can roll to; (for example bags).

A masterlooter can set a member in the raid as designated disenchanter. To do this, rightclick a portrait in the raidframes. The context menu has an extra option "set as EPGPLoot2 sharder". Once set, all items of green quality or better, but below the lootthreshold will automatically given to the person set as disenchanter.

The loot priority

For need/greed loot, loot is handed out in this order:

Raider Need > Trialist Need > Raider Minor Upgrade > Raider Offspec > pass

The highest EPGP priority wins. Offspec is based on a random roll(*). If all members pass, the item is considered a shard (to be disenchanted).

Trialists are determined by the masterlooter setting "Raiderrank". Another thing, trialists are not allowed to "Offspec" or "Minor Need" items. The reason here is that trialists are usually not yet as geared as full members and getting loot for offspec is reserved to full raidmembers. Therefore trialists will only see "Need" or Pass" in their dialog.

(*) The random roll is used because in most EPGP the offspec rolls have only a minor effect on priority- this would mean that once a instance is 'farmed' one person will have highest priority and would get all offspec loot because the EPGP has reached a final state.

What are these itemnumbers used in the preferences?

The item numbers are 'internal' numbers Warcraft uses to identify an item. You can fairly easy find what number the item is: 1) Go to WoWhead.com. 2) Search the item you're looking for. 3) take a look at the URL. For example; the item on my wishlist is The Turning Tide. The WoWhead URL is http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40396 . Notice the item= part? The item number is 40396 for The Turning Tide. If you want multiple items in one list, use a semicolon (;) to seperate them.

Slash commands

Type /epgploot2 to see the entire list. For a raider, these are the most important:

/epgploot2 showwishlist this command shows the names of the items on your wishlist. It makes it easier to verify if you entered the correct numbers.

/epgploot2 showexceptions works in similar vein to the wishlist- it shows you the names of the items on your list.

For a masterlooter the versioncheck command could be useful to check is all people in the raid have the correct version: /epgploot2 versioncheck

Anything else I should know?

EPGPLoot2 notifies you if it made a decision based on the rules you've set. These notifications show up in the chatlog prefixed by 'EPGPLoot2:' For example:

EPGPLoot2: The item [The Turning Tide] cannot be used, sending an automated 'pass' command to the masterlooter.


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