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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Concept project to provide a Raid Leader inviting assistant pulling signup data from the Blizzard Calendar.

The fact that Blizzard added an in game calendar was great as you now no longer need addons that need to send data to everyone else in the guild to synchronise and have version incompatibility issues as all data is saved on the server and available via the Armory. The downside is that the default interface is hideous to use from the raid leaders perspective actually inviting people to a raid.

With the existing Blizzard Calendar you cannot see a persons class nor spec (eg: remind me is that druid a healer, tank or dps?) If you open the guild list to check the calendar closes. You also cannot see who you have invited so far to the raid, who has accepted, who has declined, who was offline etc. This proved an admin nightmare for 10mans and unusable for 25s.

Thus I felt there was a need for a fairly simple addon to bridge the gap. This addon will attempt to :

  • Pull the data from the calendar regarding signups.
  • Allow one button clicking to invite all confirmed or accepted members to the raid.
  • Allow individual inviting to raid
  • Show Raid balance stats - eg: Tanks/Healers/Ranged DPS/Melee DPS as well as class balance stats.
  • Show with a class/spec icon against a players name what class/spec they are
  • Show their invite accept/decline/offline status
  • If online and in the raid show where they are ie: are they in the raid zone, inside the instance or still to arrive - Aim is to log players ready and at the instance on time for raid.
  • Allow hover over name viewing of player and officer notes (if user has necessary rights)
  • Send /w invite messages to users invited but in group etc

This project is aimed initially to make my own life as a raid leader easier. I'll put as much or as little work into it as I feel is needed, although if it works and takes off I will dedicate time to maintaining it.


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