Important Notes since Patch 2.0.1

  • With the creation of filtering options in the default crafting frame, if changed from 'All Slots', will interfer with EnchantingSeller. Therefore, if you install EnchantingSeller, those options will be removed from the default Enchanting Frame.

About EnchantingSell

EnchantingSell is an Ace2 version of EnchantingSeller (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/enchanting-seller.aspx), a modified version of EnchantSell.


- List of all the reagents/materials required to enchant armor/weapons. - "Reagent/Materials Inventory Control". Keeps track of the materials in your bank and bags of all your characters on the same realm. - Your enchantments Sorted by: Name, Armor Type, Bonus, or Price. - Filter by feasibility (3 Types: "feasible now", "with materialsin bag/bank", "with materials in bag/bank/reroll). - Calculates the price of enchantment according to the prices of the materials, with an optional percentage of benefit that one can change in the options. - Support for auction databases (auctioneer, kc_items) for material/component prices - Send chat information of the enchantments (On which type of armor/bonus; components necessary; the complete description of enchants). Since patch 1.9, Enchants link in the chat window. - (1.45)Tooltips now available when you hover over enchanting materials from various locations(bags, bank, auction house, chat) - Movable frame (however still inherits UIParent features) - Scrollable enchantment reagent list. - Tooltips. Make sure to read the dependency section The tooltip will tell you...
 - how many on you
 - how many in bank
 - how many on other toons
 - the price for 1 of those.


View the readme.txt file for HowTo and Troubleshooting

How to load the default database of enchantments and components

1. Install the addon as normal. 2. Log into WoW and open EnchantingSeller using command /es 3. open the options frame 4. click the button that says "Load the default database enchants". this will load both enchants and components. 5. (optional) click the button that says "Load the default database components". this will load just the components.

How to reset the enchants, components and prices

1. Log into WoW and open EnchantingSeller using command /es 3. open the options frame 4. click the button that says "Delete all data saved".


Wrath and Burning Crusade
  • WARNING: It is recommended to reset all previously stored data. See the Usage section above
  • WARNING: ES is NOT compatable with SortEnchant. Use at your own risk. You may risk enchanting the wrong enchant.
  • WARNING: ES does not work when you change the filter from "All Slots" in the default enchanting window. This will cause an warning message when you try to perform an enchant in ES.


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