Enchant Check

Enchant Check allows you to quick-check your gear or the gear of the player you are currently inspecting: It shows a short report which tells you:

  • If all equipped gear is enchanted
  • If all sockets have gems
  • If there are any empty equipment slots
  • If you wear items with very low item-level compared to your average item-level (e.g., Fishing Poles, Cooking Hats)

It does NOT tell you, whether you chose the right enchants, gems, or items. It simply serves as a quick way to tell you where you need to look. 

  • Changes in v7.3.0.2
    • Enable check of shoulders and gloves
  • Changes in v7.3.0.1
    • Update TOC to 70300  
  • Changes in v7.2.0.1
    • Update TOC to 70200
  • Changes in v7.1.5.2:
    • Packaging
  • Changes in v7.1.5.1:
    • New version numbering scheme
    • Updated for WoW 7.1.5
    • Updated to item enhancement changes at level 110 (only supports max-level checks).
  • Changes in v0.8:
    • Updated to item enhancement changes at level 100 (only supports max-level checks).
  • Changes in v0.7:
    • Added an automated self-check upon entering an instance at max level. If something needs attention, it is reported to the chat window.


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