Features new in v1.5

v1.5 brings a few new features, primarily around how and what data is synced between users.

Trust list

The trusted list is a whitelist that allows you to control who you will accept data from. If you receive user data from somebody on your trusted list, you will see "<name> (Trusted)" in /eg and /eg summary. By default, your guild and friends are trusted. You can tweak the trusted list in /eg config -> Trust management.

To prevent people from corrupting your notes, you can now only receive notes from users on your trusted list.

User database and note database syncing

Your entire user database or note database can be synced between users who have each other on their trusted list now. User atabase syncing is opt-in and has to be enabled in /eg.

Syncing user databases is done through /eg db [name], syncing the notes database is done through /eg notes [name]. When you specify [name] it will request the data from a specific user, otherwise it is requested in guild.

Beyond simple communications to indicate a player wants data, all syncing is done through the whisper channels so people who do not care about the data will not be effected by it. On top of that, sync requests are hard throttled at once per an hour, per an user. Joe and Smith can both ask for a database from Steve, but they can each only do it once per an hour.

Main experience

One of the common complaints about the experience system are that it has no way of showing that somebody is actually experienced in Icecrown Citadel on their main, but not on their alt. This feature tries to change that.

By setting a character as your main in /eg config, when somebody requests your gear or inspects you, Elitist Group will send your mains achievements too so people can see exactly what you've done on your main or your alt. For those worried about privacy, this only sends your mains achievement data. Your mains character name is never sent.

When looking at somebodies experience in /eg, you will see two fields one indicates the characters experience on their main and the other on the alt. You can tell that it's in use because the experience tab will indicate the player is an alt on the first row.


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