Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

While this add-on is being written with the explicit purpose to aid me in my glyph-making business, it will likely end up having uses for all crafts, but you are better off getting a more general add-on like Skillet or ATSW if you do not intend to make glyphs.

A fair warning, I have never made an add-on before, so this project will likely take quite some time to complete.

First phase plans:

  • Figure out how to modify the default tradeskill window.
  • Check out how LilSparky's Workshop displays information in the default window, alternatively ask LilSparky if I may leech the data that his addon produces. (Skillet does this)
  • Check out some of the alt-management addons to find out how to retrieve number of items in inventory
  • Find a way to display above mentioned itemcount in the tradeskill window

Second phase plans:

  • Figure out how to flatten the recipie-list to allow sorting by profit to be useful (Skillet does this)
  • Figure out how to sort by profit (Skillet does this)

Third phase plans:

  • Find a way to make a button that buys material from an opened merchant window. (Yes, Skillet does this too)
  • Make a button somewhere really accessible (maybe even have one by each recipe or make doubleclick craft) that first attempt to buy ingredients if they are missing, then try to craft the item in question)
  • Make a "default number of desired products" field where you fill in how many of each item you wish, this would then be used by above mentioned button to set the number of items to craft (remove number of items in inventory from this number)

I realise that my plans make it sound like I am aiming for a skillet remake, this is not too far from the truth, though I have no intention of allowing queuing or making the window larger. At this point I have no intention of copying any code, infact the goal with this project is just as much for me to learn as for me to produce a useful add-on.


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