Draenor Miller

This is a simple addon to mill Draenor herbs and was started as a random project for a friend (and to learn some addon development). It selects the herbs that have stacks of 5+ in your inventory. When you drop below 5 of the set type it attempts to switch to the next type as shown in the Draenor Miller interface.

To bring up the Draenor Miller interface type /dm.
Clicking on a herb will set that as the default herb to mill.
Clicking the "Mill ..." button below will mill one set of 5 of the selected herb.

Macro to make life easier:
Instead of having to click repeatedly on the "Mill ..." button in the interface, you can also define a macro to click instead.
1. Type /macro to open the macro interface.
2. Click New and give the macro a name and icon (if you like), then click Okay.
3. The meat of the macro is really just one line: /click DraenorMiller_Button
4. Left click and drag the macro to an open action bar slot. Click that or press hotkey.
5. [optional] Type /dm to watch progress in the Draenor Miller interface.

Random note:
Type /dm for a laugh on your non-herbalism characters.

I hope it helps,


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