Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does Alpha (or Beta) mean?

  • Answer #1: Alpha means the code is in a potentially unstable, incorrect, or otherwise unknown state. We generally know that the code may not behave as expected. Usually, alpha builds are only intended for either developers (at the time of this writing, Gagorian or Angosia) to test implementation of code. You can use it as a user but, keep in mind that unless you know how to develop addons and understand all the theorycrafting for the spec/class you're testing, we probably won't ask for feedback or address any tickets opened on alpha builds.
  • Answer #2: Beta means the code is thought to be stable and more or less accurate. However, it may have some unknown bugs or interactions we're usually not aware of existing. We ask for users to provide feedback - but to read the known issues page as well as the mod feedback before providing that feedback.

Question: Why aren't some of my class/spec's tier bonuses affecting damage/healing abilities?

  • Answer #1: Generally, this is because either the ability doesn't have a specific buff it provides or the calculations for it are unlikely to be able to be calculated within the mod (but will be within a simulation type program such as Simulationcraft). In fact, the more complicated to add bonuses means the less likely it will be added.
  • Answer #2: The other reason tier bonuses are not often implemented is because the class hasn't been finished (or is not ready) in development. This is usually the case in alpha builds.

Question: (During alpha/beta builds) Why isn't my class/spec ready yet? And can you do my spec/class next so I help test it?

  • Answer #1: As is always the case with this addon, the classes/specs that the authors have available to test are the ones that get done first. This will never change. As an example, the addon originally was designed for warlocks because Gagorian originally made it for them. No other class had functionality until added. Each expansion gets updated in the order of the highest available class/spec to test for the authors.
  • Answer #2: No, because this is a lot slower to do updates with your method than to have one the authors can make a test and immediately verify the results. It sounds simpler using your way, but in reality it slows things down a lot and may make things worse than doing things the authors' way.

Question: Why is an ability off by 0.5, 1, or a couple of damage? Why can't it be more accurate?

  • Answer #1: Depending on the ability, sometimes it is a matter of rounding. Generally speaking, 0.5 damage or healing on ability will not make a difference at all. You'd never notice in game. And, yes, it's always been like that. We strive for precision, but there's inevitably going to be a rounding error in something's favor or against it. Either way, it shouldn't matter. :)
  • Answer #2: In almost every case to date, the mod's tooltips should be either identical or better than the in-game tooltips. This is because the game has a number of known bugs where the in-game tooltip either doesn't update at all or updates to a value much higher than the damage or healing an ability does. Further, a number of the in-game tooltips (and those datamined by Simulationcraft/WoWHead) are not always correct. This usually is due to a hotfix or a tooltip bug (sometimes both). Where possible, we try to make sure that our calculations are correct or at least much more so than the in-game tooltips.

Question: Why aren't my pet's abilities showing numbers? (for Hunters/Warlocks/DKs/Shaman)

  • Answer: Where possible, we model what we can directly gather from Simulationcraft or WoWHead/WoWDB (if Simulationcraft is unclear). Occasionally, we'll have to poll other sources to gather information. But, in such cases as the latter, we need to be able to verify the data. For this reason, any ability which cannot be directly verified and tested, we will not add calculations on abilities that we can't find source material that's verifiable. So, if your ability doesn't show damage on it for a pet, that's because we don't have a confirmed formula from a reputable source.

Question: Will my UI addon be supported?

  • Answer: The supported ones are listed on the main page. If it isn't supported, the addon author should contact Gagorian for a proper method to integrate it into DrDamage. The author will be able to provide hooks and interface details to Gagorian. While you can provide a patch, we will not accept incomplete patches or ones that would otherwise result in lack of functionality (and/or potentially unstable patches).