This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Doodlepad is a whiteboard addon for drawing doodles on your screen for use with explaining fight strategies, making commentary about videos or just doodling. Doodles can be shared across a party, raid or guild scope in real-time.


  • Draw images, strategic maps or just doodles using vector graphics
  • Add text, rectangles, circles and raid icons to your drawings
  • Seamless resizing of any doodle, old or new.
  • Custom colors for everything!
  • Optional instance map overlays for explaining raid fights
  • Storyboard for managing your saved doodles
  • Broadcast to your raid, guild, party or just someone private.

How to doodle

Type /pad [target] to open a doodlepad. If target is either "raid", "party" or "guild", your doodles will be shared with other players in those places. If target is a player of the same faction, the doodle will be shared with him/her. Otherwise, it'll just be a doodle for you to see.

If you are using a tablet to draw or just prefer the tool buttons, they're at the bottom left corner of the pad for your leisure - otherwise:

  • Use the left mouse button to doodle and the mouse wheel to change pen color.
  • Use Control + left click to place a target icon.
  • Use Control + mouse wheel to switch target icon.
  • Double-click on a position to insert a line of text.
  • Use right click to undo your last stroke, icon or text.
  • Use shift + right click to wipe the pad.
  • If you are unhappy with the size of the doodle pad, you can re-size it as you see fit, and any doodles you have drawn will be re-sized to fit your new doodle pad's size.

Instance map overlays

You can use the in-game instance maps as a replacement for the white background when doodling by clicking the map icon on your doodle pad. All Cataclysm instances as well as the 8 Icecrown Citadel maps are included. If you wish to only use a portion of a map as your background, you can use your mouse to draw a rectangle of the area you wish to display. Instance maps and map zoom will be broadcast to other players as well (provided they have Doodlepad rev. 43 or newer).
Pre-cataclysm note: Icecrown instance maps are found by scrolling UP, cataclysm maps are found by scrolling DOWN. If you are (still) playing the WotLK version of WoW, you'll just see blank pages instead of the Cataclysm maps.


All your doodles get saved in the storyboard for any later use you might have for them
type /storyboard to bring up the storyboard. Here you can view, edit, copy and delete any previous doodles you've either created or received.


Do other players need Doodlepad installed to view doodles?
Yes, to receive doodles, players will need Doodlepad installed, preferably the same version as yourself.
Someone is sending me a doodle, but I can't see it!!!111oneone
Make sure you both have the latest version of Doodlepad, as there was a syntax revision in Doodlepad rev. 46.


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