This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


DHUD2 has reached is End Of Life. There will be no more updates or bug fixes.
Please use DHUD3 which has all DHUD2 functionality (and more)


3 sets of Health/Power (mana, rage, energy, focus, happiness) Bars that change colors as they diminish and that give a number value of the status shown

  • 4 main bars to show player's and target status
  • 2 pet bars to show pet status or druid's mana when shapeshifted
  • 2 extra bars to show target's target or focus status
    • The number value can be shown in different styles using DogTags
    • Bar's text can be moved (alt + left click)
  • 16 Player buffs slots
  • Show auras as well as weapon buffs (main and off-hand)
  • Buffs shown filtered by left duration
  • Configurable color to highlight when the buff is close to expiring
  • Ability to filter out buffs with duration longer than 30 minutes
  • Support for Shaman totems
  • Support for Druid/Rogue Combo Points
  • Support for Sunder Armors and Lacerates - Option to show time left
  • Show level, name, and class of Target
  • Show level, name, and class Target's Target
    • Target and Target of Target text style configurable using DogTags


  • Support for up to 40 target buffs and debuffs
  • Status indicator icon to show if the mob is elite
  • Status indicator icon to show if you're resting
  • Status indicator icon to show if you're in combat
  • Status indicator icon to show if you're in PvP - Mouseover time left
  • Status indicator icon to show Target PvP Status
  • Status indicator icon to show raid icons (X, circle, skull, etc)
  • 6 Transparency (Alpha) settings for:
    • In Combat
    • Casting
    • Target Selected
    • No Target
    • Regenning
    • Dead
  • Configuration via '''/dhud2''' menu
  • Show Druid mana while Shape shifted
  • Casting Bar with Spell Name, Casting Time and Casting Delay for both player and target.
  • Drop down menus for self and party actions

To do

  1. Movable Bars
  2. Death Knight Runes
  3. Minimap - Fubar button to acces player menu
  4. Move buttons and auras icons soi they are closer to the outter most displayed bar
  5. Change the long duration buff filter from 30 minutes default to selectable
  6. Localizations


  • Filter player buffs by name.
  • Range check
  • Show Class Icon
  • Show Target PvP Rank
  • Independant frame scaling
  • Add other MetaHud features

Known Issues

  • Focusing using drop down menu is now a protected function. Using the focus option in DHUD2 dropdown menus will generate an error.

Caeryn Dryad

Markus wrote: HUD is DEAD - There will be no new Version of DHUD because of People only change some textures and do a branch of DHUD without my Permisson. New Versions are only for my Guild from now on. Thanks to goes to all People that supported DHUD until now. Everyone who want's can take over this Project.


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