A library to provide a clean dropdown menu interface.

Handy features:
Infinite levels.
Infinite buttons per level.
Efficient design and API.
Documented API.
Sliders as a level in its own right.
Scrollable menus.

TO INSTALL: Put the DewdroptLib folder into
\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\

Place the DewdroptLib.lua file into your AddOn's folder, then add DewdroptLib.lua to the .toc file.
Then, to access the library, in your code, write `local dew = DewdroptLib:GetInstance("1.0")`.
From that point on, you can access DewdroptLib's functions.

If you find _any_ bugs, feel free to submit them at

If you want to request any features, feel free to submit your ideas at


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