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    May 19, 2011
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tag v600
Harleschorsch <michael.hueper@gmail.com>
2011-05-19 21:03:28 +0200

Tagging as v600


    - Bump version number.
    - Added option to use master sound channel for alerts and arrows
    - Locales.lua bugfix for DXE_Loader
    - Update for Cataclysm
    Note: See http://www.wowace.com/addons/deus-vox-encounters/ for the Cataclysm changes
    - Bump version number.
    - Cho'gall (2): Variety of warnings including work from Shrugal.
    - Valiona & Theralion (4): Fix Engulf warning and rename encounter so it can be distributed.
    - Al'Akir (2): Add some cooldowns/warnings based on Shuang's work/logs.
    - Conclave(2): Add warnings for the Rohash side of the fight.
    - Halfus (2): Add Enrage timer. Valiona & Theralion (2): Add a variety of warnings.
    Note: These are largely untested at this point and there are no timers
    to predict when anything is going to happen right now.
    - Comment out parts of the Cata raid stubs that are empty so Validator doesn't whine.
    - Stub out Encounters for Cataclysm Raids.
    - Fix localize.rb so it'll actually work.
    Wowace doesn't seem to like double slashes.

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