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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 3.3.3


    - Invoker: Fix target comments
    - Invoker: For target change polling, fire on the unit if it gets to the failsafe
    - Embed LibShefkiTimer in Invoker because AceTimer doesn't support timers < 0.1s
    - Lich King (63): Convert Shadow Trap alerts and Defile alerts to use the new
    "target" command. Shadow Trap should now be 100% accurate.
    - Add "target" command to simplify firing alerts, raidicons, arrow, and announces
    for boss abilities
    - Use LibShefKiTimer if available in Invoker (repo version only)
    - Lich King (62): Fire Shadow Trap in 0.05
    - Sindragosa (39): Fix a string that wasn't localized properly.
    - Lich King (61): Cleanup Raging Spirit cooldown time setting
    - Invoker: Add inlined expect for alert, arrow, raidicon, and announce. If the
    expect fails, it doesn't break execution of the command list
        ex. "alert",{"var",expect = {"<phase>","==","2"}}
    Invoker: Add srcself, srcother, dstself, and dstother features to arrow,
    raidicon, and announce (same as alert).
        ex. "arrow",{dstself = "var"}
    - Validator: Fix "line number" output when a command line errors
    - Invoker: Fix typo event_attr_handles -> reg_attr_handles
    - Invoker: Moved alert throttle check to the top
    - Lich King (60): Refactor to use new practices. WARNING: Completely untested
    - Invoker: Add feature to alert command that allows "alert",{srcself = <alert> or
    srcother = <alert> or dstself = <alert> or dstother = <alert>
    - Lich King (60): Add srcnpcid for Summon Val'kyr so it isn't triggered by
    - Validator: Fix typo in batchquash
    - Invoker: Allow table format for batchalert, schedulealert, and repeatalert
    - Invoker: Inline handler.expect's process call
    - Invoker: Replace all /\w+Info\b/ with defn
    - Invoker: Allow 'expect' to be a key in alert definitions
    - Invoker: Fix typo in srcisnptype and dstisnpctype
    - Add 'behavior' key to alert definitions. Setting it to "singleton" will only
    allow one to exist. "overwrite" will quash it before firing.
    - Invoker: Add comments for missing commands at the top
    - Invoker: Add batchalert, batchquash, and quashall commands
    - Add schedulealert, repeatalert, and cancelalert commands
    - Invoker: Add settimeleft {"<alert>",time} command
    - Invoker: Add srcisplayertype, srcisnpctype, srcisplayerunit, dstisplayertype,
    dstisnpctype, and dstisplayerunit as filter options
    - Invoker: Add npcname filter for regular events
    - Validator: Add extra array validator to cleanup code
    - Invoker: Add 'or "nil"' to each tuple set
    - Invoker: Add throttle feature for event definitions
    - Invoker: Add msg and spellname for event definitions
    - Putricide (39): Use spellids for Gaseous Bloat
    - Invoker: Add series processing for alert.time and alert.text
    - Validator: Add missing validations for alert.text and alert.time
    - Invoker: Add support alert keys time10n, time10h, time25n, time25h, time[2-9],
    and text[2-9]
    - Validator: Check that a fired alert with a specified time/text exists
    - Validator: Cleanup some global calls to _G.type
    - Validator: Add validation for specifying time and text indexes in the alert command
    - Validator: Add validation for alert keys time10n, time10h, time25n, time25h,
    time[2-9] and text[2-9]
    - Validator: Make sure series have at least one value in the array portion
    - Validator: Allow setting of <var>__index for series
    - Validator: Fix userdata string validation
    - Lich King (59): Set counter flag to true for Necrotic Plague cooldown
    - Lich King (59): Soul Reaper (Warning -> Duration) and make it show the target name
    - Add dstname_or_YOU and srcname_or_YOU replace functions
    - Validator: Add validation for logical operators in "expect"
    - Invoker: Add in code so "expect" can use logical operators on triplets
    - Change tft_unitexists and tft_isplayer to return true|false instead of 1|nil
    - Invoker: Cleanup duplicate tostring function calls in RepFuncs
    - Lich King (59): Split Defile Casting alert into self and others
    - Lich King (59): Add Remorseless Winter on self damage warning
    - Lich King (59): Add Raging Spirit arrow
    - Festergut (13): Quash Muatted Infection timer on self
    - Only try to send raid warnings if promoted
    - Festergut (13): Quash Mutated Infection timers on others
    - Allow 'tag' as a key to alert definitions. This will allow quashing specific
    alerts bound to a unit.
    - Comment cleanup
    - Valithria (13): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Sindragosa (38): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Saurfang (17): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Rotface (13): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Putricide (39): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Marrowgar (15): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Lanathel (26): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Gunship Battle (13): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Festergut (14): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Deathwhisper (33): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Blood Princes (22): Convert to use spellnames over spellids
    - Lich King (59): Convert to use spell names over spellids
    - Use <spellid> in the spellname key. Conversion to the spellname is done when the
    filter is created.
    - Increase distributor version to 9. Addon versions < 480 cannot receive
    encounters from addon versions >= 480
    - Ticket #53: Add toggle option to announce warning messages to raid warning chat
    in Alerts -> Warning Messages
    - Add option to toggle the strobing effect of the full screen flash
    - Lanathel (25): Add Uncontrollable Frenzy warning
    - Lanathel (25): Add Frenzied Bloodthirst self timer
    - Lanathel (24): Add missing Essence spellids
    - Lich King (58): Add additional Enrage spellid
    - Sindragosa (37): Add Icy Grip cooldown for the entire encounter
    - Sindragosa (36): Add Frost Breath cooldown
    - Add validation for srcnpcid and dstnpcid
    - Deathwhisper (32): Adjust initial Dominate Mind cooldown
    - Recode how combat events are initialized and processed
    - Sindragosa (35): Add Tail Smash cooldown
    - Precious & Stinky: Add defeat triggers
    - Lich King (57): Only start Shadow Trap cooldown on heroic
    - Lich King (57): Change default color for Shadow Trap cooldown
    - Lich King (57): Change Harvest Soul to a 6 second timer bar
    - Lich King (57): Add Raging Spirit cooldown
    - Lich King (57): Add more Soul Reaper spellids
    - Lich King (57): Add Shadow Trap initial cooldown timer
    - Lich King (56): Add Shadow Trap cooldown
    - Lich King (55): Change Raging Spirit to a simple warning
    - Invoker: CombatEvents -> SIDEvents
    - Add spellname key to event definitions, which allows filtering by spellname
    instead of spellid
    - Cache GetSpellInfo(<spellid>)

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