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  • 5.3.0


    - Fixed several Lua errors caused by 622125ca22c6
    Some parts of the code were still relying upon the cache copy that were removed in 622125ca22c6. This cache was no longer being kept and so it caused a few 'index is nil' errors. This fix simplifies those parts.
    - Pushing the 'Shift' key will now change MUF's center counter in the following ways: if the Time-Left or Time-Elapsed option is set then it will switch to displaying the stacks number ; if the stacks display option is set, then it will switch to displaying the time left.
    - - Simplified some old code in the core scanning engine, it should be way more efficient (remove an old recursive table copy operation that had become useless since quite some time...). It should not have any side effect but this is a sensitive change so watch for any strange behavior.
    - The stacks number is taken into account when sorting the afflictions of a unit.
    - Change minimum stack counter display to 1 since none stackable afflictions return 0. It's a way to know a stackable affliction is being used one someone
    - Added an exception for when 'Fluidity' is detected on a unit, Decursive will ignore all afflictions on that unit. (other similar afflictions can be added easily, this should be turned into a configurable option later)
    Ticket #130: http://www.wowace.com/addons/decursive/tickets/130-jinrok-and-despelling/
    - Simplified bad debuff alert (mainly used for "Unstable Affliction") and shorten the alert sound
    - Fix last commit which broke the new feature introduced in the commit before last (stacks count)
    - Only show the stack counter if it is more than 1
    - - New feature: can display the number of stacks for the topmost affliction in the center of each MUF. Some code improvement (performance fix)
    The counter still defaults to time left, can be changed in the MUF's options. If you set your counter to time elapsed in the past, it will be reset to time left with this release.
    - Revamped the counter related options (localization needed)
    - Fix an old typo that caused the center counter to be updated more often than needed.
    - Added some upvalues and renamed some variable.
    - Change the live-list display option to be opt-in rather than opt-out.
    It's more logical that way (some people have trouble to find that option).

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