Dark Souls Death Screen

Dark Souls Death Screen emulates the "YOU DIED" death screen of Dark Souls to make every death in WoW a little more soul-crushing.

(link to video)

  • /dsds on/off: Enables/disables the death screen.
  • /dsds version [1/2]: Cycles through animation versions (eg. Dark Souls 1/Dark Souls 2). Sets to specified version if an argument is supplied.
  • /dsds sound [on/off]: Enables/disables the death screen sound. Toggles if passed no argument.
  • /dsds tex [path\to\custom\texture]: Toggles between the "YOU DIED" and "THANKS OBAMA" textures. If passed an argument, it will try to use the specified texture instead. Note: custom textures need to have dimensions that are a power of 2 (eg, 512x256). The path to the custom texture is relative to your base WoW directory so it should look something like:
    (notice the double backslashes)
  • /dsds test [bonfire]: Shows the death splash screen as if you had died. Displays the bonfire animation if 'bonfire' is passed.


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