DailyQuestHelper auto accepts daily quests and after finishing them it auto complets the quest, just by clicking to the quest giver. DailyQuestHelper is much more simpler and more generic then the old RepeatableQuestHelper. DailyQuestHelper can learn new daily quests just by talking to a quest giver. After learning a new daily quest, the quest appears in the option panel of DailyQuestHelper and can be activated or deactivated, by default, all new learned quests are enabled.

The quest giver General Taldris Moonfall offers two daily quests. Only one of them can be done. DailyQuestHelper chooses "The Forlorn Spire" before "The Warden's Charge". If you would like to do the quest "The Warden's Charge" you have to deactivate "The Forlorn Spire" in the option panel, else DailyQuestHelper accepts always "The Forlorn Spire".


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