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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This is a FuBar/Ace2 Dailies Quest Tracker Addon, that will keep track of the dailies that you have done for the day. If you opt out having FuBar it'll attach itself to the Mini-Map. All libraries are included.

    * You can track multiple toons (Horde/Alliance) on a realm to keep track of dailies done on all of them.
    * You can display your daily counts through the FuBar icon or text counts.
    * Checks your professions and will show dailies that only you can do.
    * Filter out groups you have no interest in watching.
    * Groups can automatically unfold when you are in the area of the quest.
    * Clicking on a quest title, will paste the quest link in the chat-box. Also, you can then shift-click on the quest title to show you a waypoint to the quest giver if specific addons are installed.
    * Shows reputation from factions and will color the faction based on your current standings. And you can choose how to display faction status in the headers.
    * Show Me the Money! will list all the monetary values of dailies so you can do the ones that give you the most gold.
    * If you have any announcement addons (Scrolling Combat Text, Blizzard UI, Parrot) you can have it announce to those scrollers.

** UPDATE Version 3.0 11/3/8**

    * Turned off some debugging and 'Hopefully' fixed the Holiday issues.

** UPDATE Version 3.0 11/2/8**

    * Control-Left-Click a quest title will now open the quest in the Quest Log frame if you have the quest.
    * Random Dailies are now saved per day and will reset when the Dailies are reset (This may be wonky, as I don't have a Horde toon. So they may show wrong in some instances, If you use Alliance and Horde with dailies.)
    * Add a whole slew of WotLK daily stuff, but is not complete yet. (But you can't see it anyways, till you install the X-Pac. Muahahaha)
    * Removed some Libs (using my own method) and updated some Libs.
    * Removed the FuBar checks so people not using FuBar should not get errors anymore. (This is cause tooltips to not scale properly, not that I think it will be. Who scales there's Tooltips to 200%, huh?)
    * Probably some more stuff, but can't remember. Been doing to much on this addon for to long. LOL.


**When loading the ADDON for the first time**
Everything will be set to defaults values, including displaying the dailies which are now shown by expansion. To turn on the dailies for The Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King (when released) you need to select them in the Expansions option in the menu.

** BUGS/ISSUE First remedy **
IF you have any issues, PLEASE, PLEASE delete your DailiesQuestTracker.lua and DailiesQuestTracker.lua.bak and start fresh before reporting any issues, there are numerous changes to get it up and running for 3.0+.

Please don't ask about localizations atm, I want to make sure everything is running smoothly and squash any bugs/errors before moving onto localizing, if needed. With that, this mod only works with the ENGLISH client.


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