Cryolysis 3

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

<center>Cryolysis 3</center>


Cryolysis 3 is sphere mod for all classes that saves you action bar space by offering you buttons for many common tasks and provides for an easy to use interface for casting spells. Cryolysis provides you with circular buttons that surround an larger center sphere. The buttons vary per class, but all classes have 3 custom buttons they can add whatever spells they wish to.

Cryolysis also comes with a full configuration menu that can be accessed by right-clicking the main center sphere, or by typing /cryo3 in chat.


Module Status

Cryolysis 3 will feature support for all classes. Listed below is the status of each class module:

  • Death Knight: Not started
  • Druid: Not started
  • Hunter: Not started
  • Mage: Beta
  • Paladin: Started
  • Priest: Pre-Alpha
  • Rogue: Not started
  • Shaman: Not started
  • Warlock: Not started
  • Warrior: Not started

Missing Features From Cryolysis 2

These features are functions from Cryo2 that were deemed non-critical, so they are scheduled to be re-added later.

  • Polymorph break warning
  • Random messages (to be available as a separate module)
  • Ritual of Refreshment's Mana Biscuits overriding highest rank of food available

Removed/Obsolete Features

These features have been deemed obsolete, or simply not worth the effort. They will not be re-added (though anybody capable enough is welcome to add them back themselves).

  • Middle click to trade food/water. Ritual of Refreshment cast has now been moved to Middle click (was Shift-click in Cryo2).
  • The ability to conjure lower level Mana Gems through the Mana Gem menu. The Mana Gem button is now just a button to conjure and use the highest rank of Conjure Mana Gem.

Reporting Bugs and Requesting Features

Please use the ticket system on WowAce to report bugs and request new features. Please answer pre-defined questions as they help us to better understand your problem. Be as clear and detailed as possible. Lastly, please vote for feature requests you like so that we can prioritize what features we add.

Invalid Tickets

The following things will get your ticket closed and marked as invalid:

  • Deleting the pre-defined questions
  • Using a language other than English
  • Posting a defect (feature requests are okay) for a module that has not been created yet


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