This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


v1.3.0: Incorporated a more comprehensive approach to default profiles.

If you wish to use the new default profiles, you can flush your profiles and get all the new default profiles by typing

/consider resetall

and then visit the bank to rescan all your items. Remember to set your active profiles again in the options. This will also destroy any custom profile changes.

v1.2.0: Performance enhancement to improve framerates in certain situations.
v1.1.0: Added checkbox for "Use Epic Gems?" in Considerater option panel. When toggled, Considerater will fill in the top-scoring epic gems where applicable.

Upgrading users are advised to type "/consider refresh" and visit their bank to re-score their items.


An add-on that considers an item against all the items you have to determine whether or not it is an upgrade. Scores are computed for an item based on profiles which weight each stat according to relative importance.

There are many pre-defined profiles, which can be edited, or you can create a new one. To avoid taking up too much compute time, only "Active Profiles" will be used for scoring. See the Add-on Interface Options panel for all these details.

Considerater will scan your bank, bags, and inventory whenever you open your bank frame. So if it is your first time loading it, be sure to get to the bank to fill up your item cache.

Considerater will automatically determine the best gem choices according to each profile and will score items as if they had those gems inserted. This should make comparisons between pieces of gemmed and ungemmed gear relatively fair.

Type "/consider help" in game to see the command-line options.

Type "/consider" alone to bring up the Considerater graphical user-interface for comparing items.

Type "/consider [link]" with an item linked to add that item to the list of items considered by the graphical user-interface.

The idea for this add-on came about when I started re-specing my character on a nearly daily basis between four different playstyles. Each requires different sets of gear, and it was getting difficult to remember what I had in my bank and what was considered better for each spec. I relied on the useful website, but I needed something that would be able to quickly make comparisons on the spot, and only with the gear I had or was considering. So, I would consider this add-on to be a combination of ideas from and add-ons like BankItems.


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