This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Chinon is configurable unit frames add-on. It displays one or several buttons for each player and pet in your party/raid, sorted by class or group. Clicking on these buttons cast a configurable spell or run a macro. The unit frame displays optionally:
  • a life and power bar
  • an incoming heal bar (using LibHealComm-3.0, like Grid)
  • a damage bar (how much damage was received in last four seconds)
  • one or more debuffs: part of the unit frame background color changes, for example the left part could become blue when a magic, poison or disease is applied to the target if your left button dispell these
  • colored debuffs: blue means dispellable debuff, yellow means dispellable mana drain or loss of control, red means unstable affliction, white means that the debuff can not be dispelled but should be healed through
  • customizable range trackers: display a dot if the unit is in range for your spells
  • buff: displays chosen buffs as a stack size or remaining time. The text turns orange then red if the buff expires. Used for example for life bloom.
  • an aggro tracker: the button border turns red if the unit has aggro
  • configurable icons that displays select cooldowns and buffs (e.g. Clearcasting)
  • customizable bar: add a player to this bar with /chinon add (remove with /chinon remove) or add a player's pet with /chinon addpet (remove with /chinon removepet): useful for Razuvious
The goal of this add-on is to provide information with clear color codes, so that you can react quickly in raid, arena or battleground.


The mind controlled add is not in the pet line when doing heroic Razuvious
An addon can not create a new button if the combat has already started. Add a pet button for both priests before the combat: select the priest and type /chinon addpet.
I want to track a buff on myself, but when I type the spell name, it does not work
Try with the spell number. Look for the spell in wowhead: the spell number is in the browser adress bar. E.g. for clearcasting (, the spell number is 34754.
The name of the player is not displayed on the button
It is displayed only when you are in a raid with more than 5 players, and if you checked the option for the base button (it is off by default).
Why the mana bar is not displayed?
It is an option that is turned off by default.
I tried to add a macro to a mouse click but the spell is casted on my current target
Add the option [target=mouseover] to your commands. E.g. /cast [target=mouseover] Holy light
How do I select an unit using Chinon?
Assign the following macro to a mouse click: /target [target=mouseover]

Default clicks


NoneLife BloomRegrowthHealing TouchNourrish
CtrlAbolish poisonRemove curse
AltWild Growth


NoneFlash of LightHoly LightSacred Shield
ShiftHoly ShockHand of ProtectionTargettingLay on Hands
CtrlCleanseHand of Freedom
AltHand of SacrificeHand of SalvationRighteous Defense


NoneFlash healGreater heal
ShiftPower word: ShieldRenewTargettingGuardian Spirit
CtrlAbolish diseaseDispel magic
AltPrayer of MendingCircle of healingBinding heal


NoneLesser Healing WaveHealing Wave
ShiftEarth ShieldRiptideTargetting
CtrlCure DiseaseCure Poison
AltChain Heal


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