A simple addon that notifies you of pending calendar event invites, guild event sign ups player created events. It will also provide a more noticeable 15 min. warning alarm for events that are beginning soon.

The alarm is repeated every 3 min. until the start of the event. CalEventNotifier collects all events for the current day of all your characters. So that you can relog in time to the character who wants to participate at the event.

To collect all events it's necessary that for the current day all your characters once were logged in.

If during the time in which you are with your character online, an event is deleted or changed the start time, an appropriate message is displayed. Once you are in a combat, dialog boxes are now cached and only 1 minute after which you no longer engaged in combat, appears.

Update for Legion 7.3


This is a major update of CalEventNotifier which includes several new features.

One of them is the new command line option:

/CEN - shows the help menu.

/CEN sendmsg - sends notifications to other guild members who have not installed CalEventNotifier. A special thanks for this idea goes to Xieje.

/CEN reset - deletes all collected data.

CalEventNotifier now collects events across realm's. Therefore, it's necessary that all the old data must be deleted at first. Use "/CEN reset" to do this and then you should login all of your chars again for collecting your events.

To prevent spam messages in the guild channel, CalEventNotifier first checks whether the guild leader is online. If leader found then he get the highest priority to send notifications. All other clients then go into the silent mode. When a client logs off, it is checked whether he has sent the last notification. If it is so, then the next client is automatically selected for sending and so on. In this way it is guaranteed that always sends only one client.


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