Buzzbox is a World of Warcraft addon made for Roleplayers. It adds a two-way radio functionality to the game (it's a walkie talkie, in other words), allowing easy, hassle-free IC communication.

Buzzbox also goes a step further, adding radio frequencies and signal attenuation.


  • An easy way to receive messages IC. Your Buzzbox will produce an emote and broadcast messages it receives to you and your immediate vicinity.
  • The option to change the volume also exists, so you can have Buzzbox broadcast messages via an emote or just whisper them to you. Or, if you just want to keep sending messages and also to avoid being spammed by too many people talking, completely mute it.
  • No need to type in a buzzbox channel anymore. When you have your mic active, anything you /say will be broadcasted.
  • Ability to also change the microphone sensitivity, so you can broadcast other people's messages as well.
  • No lag in chat.
  • Choose your device's range. Words will start getting replaced with crackles as the signal gets lower and lower until it's completely lost. (Low signal crackles can be turned off in settings).
  • You can tune to any of the available frequencies (100-999) you like. There's enough channels for everyone.
  • End to end "encryption". Because sometimes, you want your conversations to be completely private.
  • TRP3 support.
  • Option to enable automatic emotes (turned off by default to combat spam).

For suggestions or bug reporting, either post a comment here or open a new issue on Github.


Type /bb or /buzzbox to view available commands. You can also go to the addon's options on the interface tab.


Why am I not receiving any messages?

For a number of reasons. First, make sure you have turned on the Buzzbox. When you first log in, it is turned off and you have to turn it on each time. Second, double check you and the sender are tuned on the same frequency. Third, are you sure you two are within 1500 yards? Last but not least, make sure you have both disabled encryption.

Why are my messages not being received?

If you are receiving messages but cannot send, make sure you have activated the microphone. Also, make sure you and the person you're trying to send messages to is on the same addon version as you are.

My Buzzbox keeps cutting long messages sent from other players in half. What do I do?

Download Unlimited Chat Message


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