I found the lack of an LDB logout / reload / forced-exit button to be a royal pain after playing with Broker abit and replacing all my FuBar addons with LDB compliant ones.

Thus Broker_Exit was coded.

It's very small, very simplistic, and to me very helpful. It provides a one click availability to reload, exit or logout right on your LDB display.

You will need an LDB display addon such as Bazooka for this to be useful to you.

<Left Click> on the icon: Reloads your UI.
<SHIFT> + <Left Click>: Logs you out of the game.
<CONTROL> + <Left Click>: Forced Exit (No confirmation, just saves your addon data and exits the game)

Please do not use the Curse comments section for Bug Reports, utilize the WoW Ace Bug Tracker so I can keep track of any that arise.


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