AFK and DND management at your fingertips!
Broker_AFK is a tiny addon that provides easy and convenient display and management of your Away (AFK) and Busy (DND) status via LDB Broker or the minimap. It can be used with an LDB display or as a stand-alone addon.

Features: (all are optional and easily configured)

  • Broker or Minimap displays your current AFK / DND status
  • Single-Click access to change your AFK / DND status
  • Automatic tracking of your time AFK and message
  • Control the actions that auto-remove AFK
  • Play a selected sound when you go AFK
  • Play a selected sound when you are about to be logged out for inactivity
  • Display a window while you are away that reminds you to clear AFK when you return
  • Provides AFK/DND status replies to whispers, mimicking the behavior of in-game whispers
  • Auto-respond to your name in party/raid/guild chat while AFK or Busy
  • Automatically set Busy mode in instances, raids, arenas and bgs
  • Coalesce repeated away/busy notification whisper replies into a single notification

Basic Usage:

  • Install as usual
  • Left-click the LDB broker or Minimap icon to set your AFK/DND status
  • Right-click the LDB broker or Minimap icon for config options

Command Line Usage:

  • /afk [message] - Set your status to AFK with an optional Away message
  • /dnd [message] - Set your status to DND with an optional Busy message
  • /bafk - Display command-line config options
  • /bafk config - Opens the config GUI

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