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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

A Data Broker plugin for the famous Recount addon (Cryect, Elsia).

It is loosely based on FuBar_RecountFu, with enhanced functionality in certain areas. The plugin's text can be customized to display DPS/HPS information for either the current player or the (raid) group, depending on the desired session (last/current fight or overall data). An optional label to show the (last) active combat time is also supported. The plugin also provides a clickable, scrollable tooltip, where a Damage Done/Damage Taken/Healing Done summary can be displayed depending on the selected session. Left clicking a player name will open a detailed summary table in Recount, for that specific player.

Configuration is performed via a simple Blizzard right-click dropdown menu.

A simple slash command (/recstats) has also been implemented as a means to reset the configuration, in order to avoid issues with saved variables, on future releases.

For changes see the change log.

Many thanks and credit to the authors and contributors of both Recount and FuBar_RecountFu that inspired this addon.

Quick FAQ:

Q: I want to display hostile targets/pets on the tooltip summary. What can I do ?

A: Pretty much, nothing. By design, the addon will only display non-hostile targets that have contributed to either damage or healing done, by using hardcoded filters, as this was perceived to be "common" functionality. The only exception to this rule, is the "Damage Taken" mode, where Bosses, Non-trivial mobs and pets (if not merged with owners), can and will be displayed if they have been selected in Recount's filter configuration menu. There are currently no plans to significantly alter this behavior. TLDR: The tooltip was meant as a quick "shortcut" to your (group/raid) damage/healing summaries with or without pets, it wasn't meant to replace the full functionality of the main Recount window.

Q: Will you consider adding an option to display additional mode summaries to the tooltip, eg "Damage Taken" or "Dispels" etc ?

A: "Damage Taken" has been recently added and supports the following filters : Self, Grouped, Ungrouped (always shown, cannot be toggled off) plus Bosses, Nontrivial and Pets when not merged with owners (can be toggled on/off via Recount configuration filtering). There are currently no plans to add any other modes.

Q: I'm getting an error with the dropdown menu when I select <some setting>.

A: Try using the "/recstats reset" slash command (without the quotes) to reset your configuration, first. It may be possible that something is bugging out, because new savedvars were added, in a release. If the problem persists, you can open a ticket here, detailing the error (plus any info thrown by Swatter/Bugsack) so it can be hopefully fixed.

Q: HELP ! When I click on a name, in order to display the details window, my main Recount window mode also changes !

A: This is intended behavior. Unfortunately due to the internal dependencies and interaction between the main Recount window and the detailed one, there is currently no way to avoid this, without breaking functionality. Until such time as Recount "exposes" an API for other addons/plugins to get information from it, a "clean" solution cannot be provided.

Q: I have noticed that the tooltip does not update, after being shown, during an encounter. Is this intended ?

A: Very much so. The tooltips simply fetches a "snapshot" of combatant statistics, on the specific moment you hover over the plugin. Due to the way the tooltip library works, in order for the tooltip to update dynamically, it would have to be cleared and redrawn on every "Update Frequency" interval and that solution would be costly, CPU wise. In all honesty, I do not see a need to impose the extra overhead on people. In the vast majority of occasions, a simple "snapshot" during combat should be sufficient to provide a quick indication of how people are doing.

Q: Does the plugin support Class Colors ?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: I have asked a question or suggested a new feature but never got a reply. I demand that you include my suggestions!

A: While you are obviously free to demand anything you like, that won't change the simple fact, that I don't always have the time, intention or willpower to answer everything or implement everything that is suggested. That does not imply that I'm not taking feedback into consideration.


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