Broker Followers

You need an LDB Display like Bazooka, TitanPanel or hover the MinimapIcon for this addon!

Newest Feature: Reroll Finder

Helps you determine who you should reroll to get a specific combination. Here is an exmple to explain everything


At the top you see two dropdowns, used to set up which combination of counters you are looking for. In this case we want to counter Group Damage and Deadly Mininons


  1. All your epic followers that already have this combination
    In our example we already have one follower with the desired combination: Soulbinder Tuulani
  2. A list of your epic followers that coul* get this combination when you reroll their abilities. Also shown are the abilities they have right now and, in brackets, the %-chance to get the wanted combo
    In our example we have 4 possible candidates to be rerolled into Group Damage/Deady Minions. Ja'kala is listed first because this follower has the highest chance (1/6) of getting what we want. Next are Xen, Rizei and Kaz with a considerable lower chance (1/10)
  3. Non-epic followers that counter one ability of the combination and could get the second one when being upgraded to epic. In brackets is the chance of getting the desired second counter.
    In our example the non-epic Phylarch the Evergreen, already countering Deadly Minions, has a 33.3% chance of getting the counter for Group Damage as his second ability when upgraded
  4. Non-epic followers that do not have any of the desired counters, but can get both of them when rerolled. Therefor they first need to be upgraded to epic and then rerolled.
    Here we have Lokra, who only counter Danger Zones, which is neither of the two things we want. Therefor we would need to upgrade him to epic and then reroll him with a 10% chance to get Group Damage/Deadly Minions



  • Switch between: Showing tooltip when hovering the icon and clicking the item to show/hide the tooltip!
  • Standard tooltip: view the combinations of threats your epic followers can counter in a compact matrix.

    When clicking one of the number it'll print a list of the followers with those two counters, together with their reroll% (chance of getting a not-yet-covered combination of counters when rerolling them)
  • Holding shift: A list view, ordered by countered threats. Shows you one follower per line together with their traits. A special 'Reroll' colum is shown, telling you the chance of getting a new combination of countered threats if you used a 'Follower Re-training Certificate' on this follower

UI enhancement

  • Enhancements recruitment at the inn/tavern and follower list: When hovering the portrait while recruiting at the inn/tavern or when viewing the follower list a small tooltip will show up listing all the possible counters the follower with its spec can get.
    Hovering an epic follower, lists all possible abilites and the chance of getting a new combo on reroll

    Hovering a non-epic follower, lists all possible second abilites (green '+': Getting this leads to a new combo. Red number x: You already have x followers with this combo) and the chance of getting a new combo on being upgraded to epic


  • Toasts: When a follower levels up a quick toast is shown telling you that "<name> is now level X".
    When reaching a quality upgrade the toast will also include the newly acquired traits and abilities!
    When a ship is destroyed on a shipyard mission.
    Toasts can be disabled in the options












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