BigWigs Yogg Brain

What it does

Displays the health of Yogg-Saron's brain during Phase 2 for all raid members.

Where to get it

  • WoW Ace - Often Beta quality
  • Curse - Most updated stable version

How to get it to work

You need to enable it in the Big Wigs options.


There is no interface, it just works.


I have setup a donation site via Pledgie. Feel free to donate if you like this mod. I have put countless hours of time and effort into it along with many people who have helped me. I did not write this mod with the intent to make any money from it, I wrote it to help me with some needs that I saw in-game.

If you don't wish to donate money feel free to consider one of the following methods which may be more suitable:

Known Issues

All known issues will be kept at the WoW Ace tracker.

Please use the WoW Ace tracker to file bug reports.

Wish List

Please use the WoW Ace tracker to add suggestions and feature requests.

Bug Reporting

Please use the WoW Ace tracker to file bug reports.


WoW Wiki


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