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.::Created on September 13, 2008 by Martag on the server Greymane::.

AutoInvite 2.2.5b

* Updated for 3.3.5! New Features!

Fixed Major bug causing invites to be sent out to anyone when they say anything

2.2.5b is kind of an sketchy quick drafted update, please report bugs!

Used to Automatically Invite players into a group/raid based on what and where they say certain "trigger" keys. There are several options available in the easy to use interface.

To open the interface, type /ai or /autoinvite Players may also disable or enable the addon at any time via /ai disable or /ai enable.

Interface Options To enable the addon: Click the "Enable Addon" box

User Invite Queue Manager + Now automatically add players to a queue list. + Can manually invite players, remove players, or invite all players

Auto Convert to Raid + Will automatically convert the group into a raid when the first person joins.

Guildies Only + This will make it so that the addon will only send guild members an invite!

Max Raiders + Limit the number of players allowed in the raid!

Keys: + Type the keys you wish people to use when they whisper you for an invite! You may have multiple keys! + Separate the keys by using a semicolon ;

Messages + This is the message that will be sent to the selected channels! + To have your triggers/keys in the message, type <key> where you would like them placed!

Where to Spam + Select the channels you would like your message to be sent to when you hit the [Spam] button! + You can now have a custom channel!

Listening Channels + Can now select where you want the addon to AutoInvite from!

----- Looking for more ideas, please suggest any. -----

I'm new to AddOn development and I am also open to new suggestions, please feel free to comment or send me a message if you have any ideas or flames.


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