Shadowlands Update? #1093

  • Silvara83 created this issue Dec 12, 2020

    Made an account just for this.  (couldn't post in comments, internal server error, repeatedly)
    Any chance of Atlasloot getting handed off to any one of a few dozen talented authors to pickup and run with?

    Can't phrase it much better than this user at MMO-Champ:

    "all the dungeon journal does it gives you boss loot drops. AtlasLoot lists all mounts in game, all armor/weapon sets (and where to obtain them), timeless isle rewards, molten front rewards, all tabards in game, legendary items broken down into each expansion, apexis crystal items, timewalking vendor items broken down to each expansion, tier sets, world event rewards (argent tournament, DMF, Lunar Festival, Children's Week, etc etc etc), PLUS all the crafting recipes in the game with listings of what mats are needed for the item. AtlasLoot has been a very in-depth addon for a very long time. "

    Love using Atlasloot. Just came back from a 4-year hiatus, starting my questing in BfA, noticed the addon didn't have any Shadowlands sections. Got very disappointed.
    Please consider allowing the addon to live on and expand under new guidance, if any/all of the lead authors are unable/unwilling to do so.

  • BeringTom posted a comment Dec 14, 2020

    Can't second this enough, love using the atlasloot addon, but without shadowlands, there ain't any point atm :)

  • tapaul posted a comment Dec 23, 2020

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

  • therealmistersister posted a comment Jan 5, 2021

    An update for Shadowlands would be greatly appreciated. This addon is way more convenient than the dungeon journal. In any case, thanks for the effort you put into this addon to date.

  • Raven_Mind posted a comment Jan 22, 2021

    I couldn't agree more. Please!!! Update this addon or hand it off to someone who will. Much appreciated. <3

  • Air10000 posted a comment Jun 14, 2021

    Can we get at least some info about this addon?

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