Broken #1091

  • Boolyman created this issue Nov 17, 2020

    This mod is broken, and hasnt been updated in 4 weeks.


    TL;DR -  This mod sucks.


    That is all.

  • manuakasam posted a comment Nov 19, 2020

    The mod hasn't been updated for a while and there's probably a simply reason:
    - mod devs currently don't play


    Wait for an update, that's it. If the owners won't come back soon it is likely someone else will create an AtlasLoot SuperEnhancement or whatever :)

  • nitrinax posted a comment Nov 23, 2020

    Mod isnt broken and works correctly, update it to version v8.13.00 or the r4839-alpha and it will work. Maybe you have to delete the saved vars of this addon first. Feel free to use my update for this addon.

  • mhawk71 posted a comment Dec 1, 2020

    you have the no lib version update to the version here and it will work fine


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