Wont open #1089

  • Saintphoenix1 created this issue Nov 9, 2020

    Its been at least since the start of legion that ive not been able to get Atlas Loot to open

  • Saintphoenix1 posted a comment Nov 9, 2020

    Even when i have all addons turned off other than atlas loot and i go into interfact it doesnt even show any addons, the addon is just dead

  • nitrinax posted a comment Nov 15, 2020

    The addon works fine. Have you updated to the last version?

  • Saintphoenix1 posted a comment Nov 15, 2020

    Well the fact other people are reporting the same issue means its not "working fine" also ive had this problem for a long time now, and "have you updated to the last version?" nah i thought id just complain first....i updated it every time there is a new update to get, still nothing works, even when its the only addon loaded it doesnt work and again hasnt done so for a long time

  • Finassar posted a comment Nov 23, 2020

    go to versions on the top of the atlas loot page in the twitch launcher, or find it here on the website. and make sure your version installed is the (v8.13.00) 

    and NOT the (v8.13.00-nolib) version. that seemed to be installed by default for me as well, but wont work unless you have the library installed alongside it, whereas the v8.13.00 version comes with the library 

  • Saintphoenix1 posted a comment Nov 24, 2020

    I already replied once saying yes it is the newest version, but again its also been happening for ages and i keep all my addons up to date and im not the only person who has the problem, just reading the comments here others have the same problem too

  • Finassar posted a comment Nov 26, 2020

    newest version does not mean it is a lib version. you need to manually set it to lib, sometimes installing it picks the wrong one. "keeping it updated" will literally do nothing if you dont have the correct of the 2 versions, as it will always keep updating the wrong version

  • mhawk71 posted a comment Dec 1, 2020

    delete your twitch or curseforge version and install the version here and it will work fine


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