BFA Battle of Dazar'alor: Incomplete loot tables #1055

  • Forge_User_24442703 created this issue Jan 25, 2019

    Champion of the Light is listed as King Rastakhan., Grong listed after Jadefire Masters.


    Only has some plate items, weapons, cloaks and rings. No cloth, leather or mail armor. Tried from different classes, all show same result.



  • Forge_User_24442703 added an attachment Incomplete loot list.jpg Jan 25, 2019


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  • imhavingfunwow posted a comment Feb 6, 2019

    Same to report for BoD - plate gear and some rings and such, but no other items. 

  • jandersunstr posted a comment May 21, 2019

    I updated the loot tables and sent a message to Lag123 with a link to review. 

    PM me if you would like the link until it's updated; don't want to drop it here and have anyone get upset.

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