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  • 3.3.5


AtlasLoot Enhanced

This mod is distributed under Version 2 of the GPL.  A copy of the GPL is included in this zip file with links to non-english translations.


Patch Notes

Added support for Atlas 1.17.0
Minor fixes

Added Ruby Sanctum Heroic loot
Minor fixes and additions

Added New TCG loot
Updated Lord Ahune loot
Minor fixes

zhTW translation fixed

Added Ruby Sanctum Normal loot
Lord Ahune drops updated
Added New TCG loot
Added support for upcoming Atlas 1.16.1
Minor fixes and additions

Adjusted PvP prices
Total revamp of PvP section
Minor fixes and additions

Added Arena Season 8 items
Adjusted old Arena prices
Added Lich King loot
Revamp of Love is in the Air Event
Final adjustments for Atlas 1.16.0
Minor fixes and additions

Fixed the heroic toggle

Added remaining ICC loot (Normal Mode)
Added Heroic ICC loot
Crafting updated for Patch 3.3
Added support for upcoming Atlas 1.16.0
Minor fixes and additions

Added The Plagueworks raid loot
Minor fixes and additions

Added Icecrown Citadel raid loot
Added Wishlist API (see forums)
Compatible with Atlas Fan-update
Minor fixes

Pit of Saron is now visible in the loot browser
Minor fixes

Updated for Patch 3.3
Added Icecrown Citadel Lower Spire (Normal Mode)
Added The Forge of Souls
Added the Halls of Reflection
Change so that you only get nagged for AtlasLoot/Atlas mismatches once
Change to the use of Babble data for non-English users
Minor fixes

Commented out some Patch 3.3 stuff that was causing problems
Attempt to make the mod more resistant to errors

Pilgrim's Bounty loot
More loot in preparation of Patch 3.3 (only on PTR)
Minor updates

Added Emblem of Frost Rewards (only on PTR)
Added Tier 10 Sets (only on PTR)
Many minor fixes

Added links to Tier 9 sets and PvP Sets in Emblem sections as appropriate
Fixed a bug due to changes to Babble-Boss

Corrections for the ToC Tribute run
Updated Hallow's End Headless Horseman loot

Update for Atlas 1.15.1
Fixed <- and -> navigation for Ulduar
Added the new Scourgewar trading card game in-game items.

Fixed a bug where the loot filter was breaking heroic mode loot
Mod will no longer attempt to load a loot table at startup
Many minor bug fixes

Fixed a bug with default loot table causing errors with a 'fresh' AL install
Update for the latest Atlas 1.15 test build
Cleanup of Onyxia loot

Moved T2 Helms to Nefarian
25 Man Onyxia loot completed
Fixed bug where selection of default wishlist was not preserved

Fixed Argent Confessor Bug

First pass of Onyxia (level 80) loot
Added missing Tankard of Terror
Updated crafting for Patch 3.2.2

Added Cooking Daily rewards
Added Fishing Daily rewards
Added Patch 3.2 Wintergrasp items
Added Emalon the Storm Watcher and Koralon the Flame Watcher loot to Vault of Archavon
Added Wrath of the Lich King Crafted Sets (Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring)
Updated Brewfest 2009 items
Added Vanity Pet Accessories
Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake now available in Mount page
Compatible with the Atlas version 1.15 alpha build
Minor updates/fixes/translations

Arena Season 7 Loot included
The loot filter now applies to most PvP and Rep rewards, more coming
Search and Wishlist headings fixed
Many minor bug fixes and updates
Localisation updates (including esMX)

Added New Mounts, Pets and Tabards
Added 25 Man Trial of the Crusader loot
Updated Argent Tournament
Updated Emblem items
Updated Jewelcrafting and added new epic gem recipes to Jewelcrafting daily
Added crafted weapons (lvl80 ones have been missing)
Added Yogg-Saron+0 loot
Added PvP Heirlooms to set menu

10 Man Trial of the Crusader is complete (Horde and Alliance)
More minor bug fixes

Added New Dungeon : Trial of the Crusader, 10 Man Alliance Loot (thanks ThyrelR)
More minor bug fixes

Added New Dungeon: Trial of the Champion
Added Patch 3.2 Crafted items
Emblem of Triumph rewards added
Removed all references to BabbleClass

Fixed the back to front Druid sets

Tier 9 Set items included
TOC update for Patch 3.2
Fixed deleting shared wishlists
Fixed editing shared wishlists
Items from shared wishlists are now correctly marked
The Loot Browser now uses Atlas menus where possible to reduce code maintenance

Fixed sorting bug with the loot filter
Fixed adding items to wishlist from search results
Minor updates/fixes/translations

Attempt to get around addon packager issues

New Feature: Added an ability in the options menu to filter loot pages by item type
Loot Filter Documentation: http://www.daviesh.net/atlasloot_enhanced/wiki/index.php?n=AtlasLoot.LootTableFilter
New Feature: *Beta* Each character now has access to multiple wishlists and they can be shared between players
WishList Documentation: http://www.daviesh.net/atlasloot_enhanced/wiki/index.php?n=AtlasLoot.WishLists
Revamped the Mount page
Drop rates added for: Tempest Keep - The Eye, Serpentshrine Cavern, Zul'Aman, Caverns of Time - Battle for Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, Magisters' Terrace, Sunwell Plateau, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom, Drak'Tharon Keep, The Violet Hold, Gundrak, Halls of Stone, Halls of Lightning, Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme, Utgarde Pinnacle, The Oculus, Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum, The Eye of Eternity, Ulduar
Minor updates/fixes/translations

More Ulduar items added
New Argent Tournament items added
Drop rates added for Azjol-Nerub
Added an option to switch between new and old visual styles for the loot browser
Added the option to treat crafted items as crafting spells or as items
Minor updates/fixes/translations

Major Ulduar update
Re-arranged loot table controls to make room for bigger buttons
Revamped the Non Combat Pets pages and added missing/new pets
New look for the standalone loot browser from Lag
Fixed bug with the 'Help' options panel
Compatible with the new Atlas version 1.14.1

Added missing Emblem of Valour relics
Completed the Argent Tournament rewards
Completed Lake Wintergrasp rewards
Added gear for Arena Season 6
Updated PvP Prices
Ulduar updates
Noblegarden included
Minor updates/fixes/translations

Fixed a bug with Atlas 1.13 and Atlas 1.14 layouts getting confused
New Tabards added

Emblem of Conquest loot included
Fixed comparison tooltip bug
Fixed Vault of Archavon bug
Compatible with the new Atlas version 1.14
The Query Server button is now throttled (small delay between item queries)

Fixed loot module toc numbers

Added New Event: The Argent Tournament
Added Tier 8 (Ulduar) Sets
Added Cooking to 450 skill, all professions updated for Patch 3.1
Added new WotLK Darkmoon Faire items and revamped its menu
Added WotLK new World BoE Items
Added drop rates for Utgarde Keep and The Nexus
Trash Mob updates from Pucelle
Added Key to the Focusing Iris (Normal/Heroic) Rewards
The dressingroom and comparison tooltips should now work for crafted items
Holding down the shift key while mousing over items will now always show an available comparison tooltip
Minor updates/fixes/translations

Revamped the following dungeons: Halls of Lightning, The Violet Hold
Added New Wintergrasp items from Patch 3.0.8
Added New Venture Bay Sigils
Updated Engineering for WotLK
Minor updates/fixes/translations

Help Panel translation bugfix

Updated wishlist code to deal with 25 Man loot better
Added WotLK Tailoring
Revamped the following dungeons: Ahn'kahet, Azjol-Nerub, The Nexus, Utgarde Keep, Drak'Tharon Keep,  Gundrak, Halls of Stone
Added a 'Help' panel in the options screen with how to use various features

Added Vault of Archavon (Under WotLK instances in loot browser, PvP Rewards in Atlas)
Updated Gluth loot tables
Added Deadly Gladiator's Necklaces, Cloaks, and Rings
Added Battlemaster Trinkets (Level 80)
Added PvP Jewelcrafting Designs
Added Frenzyheart Tribe and The Oracles Disgusting Jar and Mysterious Egg rewards
Added Venture Bay rewards to the PvP section
Corrected Honor/Ratings for PvP items
Minor updates/fixes/translations

Fixed a bug in LibAboutPanel implementation

Malygos and Sartharion updates
Inscription Update
Wrath of the Lich King Blacksmithing done
Update to Emblem of Heroism items
Added support for LibAboutPanel

Wrath of the Lich King Jewelcrafting
Utgarde Pinnacle Atlas interface fixed
Update to the mounts collection

Major Naxx Update
Added new sets: Raine's Revenge and The Fists of Fury.
Renamed and Split the pre-60 page into 2 pages - Classic and Burning Crusade/Wrath of the Lich King
Added Winterfin Retreat as a new Wrath Faction
Minor updates/fixes/translations

Minor bugfixes
Fixed a bug causing the 10 man/25 man toggle button to have the wrong text
Violet Hold Normal/Heroic loot included
Gundrak Heroic loot included
Sartharion Update
Naxx Update
Added WotLK Enchanting recipes

Added WotLK Alchemy and Leatherworking recipes
Re-arranged Enchanting
Updated Inscription
Added the Horde Expedition and the Alliance Vanguard rep factions
Minor updates for Atlas 1.13

Dungeons and Raids:
Added loot for 'Utgarde Keep'
Added loot for 'The Nexus'
Added loot for 'Azjol-Nerub'
Added loot for 'Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom'
Added loot for 'Drak'tharon Keep'
Added loot for 'The Violet Hold'
Added loot for 'Gundrak'
Added loot for 'Halls of Stone'
Added loot for 'CoT:Stratholme'
Added loot for 'The Oculus'
Added loot for 'Halls of Lightning'
Added loot for 'Utgarde Pinnacle'
Added loot for 'Naxxramas'
Added loot for 'Obsidian Sanctum'
Added loot for 'The Eye of Eternity'
Revamp of almost every Classic instance
Revamp of almost every BC instance
Added PvP Level 80 Blue and Epic Sets (Savage/Hateful/Deadly Gladiator)
Added PvP Level 80 Blue Weapons (Savage Gladiator/Deadly)
Added PvP Non-Set Epics Level 80
Added Argent Crusade faction
Added Frenzyheart Tribe faction
Added Kirin Tor faction
Added Knights of the Ebon Blade faction
Added The Kalu'ak faction
Added The Oracles faction
Added The Wyrmrest Accord faction
Revamp of Faction section
Added Tier 7 10/25-Man Sets
Merged Tier 1/2 sets (sorted by class)
Merged Tier 4/5/6 sets (sorted by class/spec)
Merged Dungeon Set 3 (sorted by armor type)
Merged PvP Reputation sets (sorted by armor type)
Merged Arena sets (sorted by class/spec)
Removed class breakdown for AQ20 sets
Removed class breakdown for AQ40 sets
Removed class breakdown for ZG sets
Revamp of Tabard section
Revamp of Pre-60 set section
Revamp of Mounts sections
Added Non Combat Pets section
Added 'prev' and 'next' buttons to many sets pages
Added 'prev' and 'next' buttons to many instance pages
Changed loot browser instance menu from sort by continent to sort by expansion
Hallow's End update
Revamped Alchemy section of the Crafting Module
New Profession: Inscription now included.

Alchemy revamp complete
AtlasLootFu can now be reset with atlasloot reset functions
Many minor bugfixes

Fixed T7 Paladin sets
Scourge Invasion updated
Removed the basic minimap button
Began re-arranging Alchemy

Minor wishlist fixes
Localisation update

Fixed the package

New minimap button code, hopefully more reliable.

Fixed a bug with Tier4/5/6 Sets being scrambled up
Fixed a bug with searching
Fixed a bug for displaying drop rates

Updated for Atlas 1.12.2

Compatible with WotLK
Switch from Ace2 to Ace3
Data from WotLK
Items in the wishlist now have a star next to them
LibDataBroker implemented (and hence Titan Panel support)
New Options menu
Loot browser now resizable in the options menu

Minor bug fixes

Removed Atlas 1.11 compatibility
Fixed bug with Badge of Justice rewards
Fixed bug with prices not showing in the wishlist
Fixed bug in Alphamap integration

AutoQuery has been removed, as it caused too many problems.  It has been replaced with a 'Query Server' button that will query all the items on the loot page.  If you get disconnected, you know which page to blame.
'Level 70 Instance Rewards' renamed to 'Badge of Justice Rewards'
Updated Brewfest section
Added loot table for Coren Direbrew (Brewfest)
Added Don Carlos loot table
Added new TCG loot from "Drums of War"
Readded previously removed vindicator items
Fixed Arena prices (Season 3)
Fixed a major Wishlist bug that caused crafted items to appear corrupted
The Quicklooks button now disables itself for search results and the wishlist
Minor updates/fixes/translations

Compatible with the new Atlas 1.12 data format
New feature: Quicklooks, which allows you to bind loot tables to one of 4 shortcut buttons in Atlas or the loot browser
Added new TCG loot from "Hunt of Illidan"
Updated Midsummer Fire Festival section, including Lord Ahune
Arena prices and items for Season 4 adjusted
Many minor loot fixes/additions/translations

New and improved searching system (some nice work from Kurax there)
All professions data available in the crafting module
More efficient memory use due to optimisations implemented in Patch 2.4
Added translations for all items
Completed Arena Season 4
Added M'uru loot table
Many minor loot fixes/additions

Fixed the Atlas/Titan integration issue
Added new TBC set (The Fists of Fury)
Fixed the LBRS extra buttons
Upgrade to Babble 3.0
Many minor loot fixes/additions

Updated for Patch 2.4
Updated for Atlas 1.11.0
Added Sunwell Plateau loot
Added Magisters' Terrace loot
Added new Faction - Shattered Sun Offensive
Added new Set - Latro's Flurry
Added new heroic items from Sunwell Isle
Added Reputation PvP sets
Added Arena season 4 sets/weapons (only a few IDs known)
Added Lord Ahune (Midsummer Festival)
Added new TCG loot (Servants of the Betrayer)
Removed old Level 70 PvP sets (no longer available)
Split crafted loot into its own module
Many minor loot fixes/additions/translations

Added the 'WishList'.  Alt-click on any item to add it to the wishlist, alt-clicking on an item in the wishlist deletes it.  There are buttons added to the Atlas panel and the loot browser to open the wishlist.
PvP Non Set Epics now have the correct menu titles (Cloth/Leather and Mail/Plate)
'/atlasloot reset' now also resets the loot browser and options menu to the middle of the screen in case they are accidentally dragged away
Horde/Alliance PvP tokens and World PvP tokens switch depending on the faction of the character you are logged in as.  Due to this a number of loot tables have been cleaned up and had duplicate items removed.
Many minor loot fixes/additions/translations

More adjustments for Atlas 1.10.3
Added '/atlasloot reset' command so reset the loot page you last visited if you get disconnected
Added '/atlasloot options' command to open the options screen without a FuBar/Minimap button
Added the new Vindicator epic items
Added the new March of the Legion trading card game in-game items.
Many minor loot fixes/additions/translations

Updated for Patch 2.3
Updated for Atlas 1.10.3
Revamped the options screen
Added an option to automatically query the server for items instead of having right-click them all.  This can be turned on in the new options screen.
Corrected pre-60 dungeon loot to now be blue in line with Blizzard changes
Added Zul'Aman loot
Added Hyjal trash loot
Added Arena season 3 rewards
Adjusted prices for previous arena seasons
New menus for the PvP and Arena reward pages
New World Event: Brewfest
Added The Headless Horseman to the Hallow's End event
Split the Rare Mounts page to 2 - Classic WoW and Burning Crusade pages
Added new mounts to the Rare Mounts page
Added the new Heroic Badge items
New Menu for the Heroic Badge items
Many minor loot fixes/additions/translations

Updated Version Check for Atlas 1.10.2

Versioning Update for Patch 2.2
More BoE World Epics items added.
New World Events added: Skettis, Abyssal Council, Ethereum Prison
Pre 60 PvP gear added for WSG and AB.
Many minor loot fixes/additions

French and German updates

Updated for Atlas 1.10.1
Added BoE World Epics (thanks Lothaer!)
Reorganised the 'Collections' menu
World Events greatly expanded

Update for German translation difference in Atlas 1.10

Patch 2.2 Data included
Atlas 1.10 Compatible
Added 'World Events' section, more content there very soon
Added loot to the Entrace map mobs
Added the 2 centaur factions
Can now disable text notification when a LoD module loads (no message by default)
Added a 'Load Modules' button that manually loads all available LoD modules
Loot updates and translations
Bug fixes

Core AtlasLoot mod now contains no data.  All data now contained in Load-On-Demand modules
Created 5 modules: AtlasLoot_OldInstances, AtlasLoot_BCInstances, AtlasLoot_RepFactions, AtlasLoot_SetsandPvP, AtlasLoot_WorldLoot
Total memory usage reduced where possible

French and German bugfixes

Bugfix: A file was still trying to access the old saved variables

Fixed a bug where searching was not case insensitive if the item was unsafe
Saved Variables now use AceDB
Text messages generated by querying the server for items can now be switched off
Updated PvP item prices
Rep menus revamped
'Back' button moved to the bottom centre of the loot frame to be out of the way of long titles
TK Legendaries used in Kael'thas fight re-instated

Updated PvP and Arena items for Patch 2.1.2 (thanks for your help gandharva)
Slight adjustment of loot table UI layout
Split Darkmoon Faire over two pages (one for cards, one for items)
The mod will now use Equipcompare if it is installed, if not it will use the Blizz version
French and Trad. Chinese updates
Many minor fixes/updates

Replaced EquipCompare support with Blizzards own function (thanks to siena for fasttracking this)
Replace the 'Use Equipcompare' option wih a 'Show Comparison Tooltips' toggle
Updated for changes to Babble-Tradeskill
Fixed a bug in the BFD loot tables
Minor bug fixes and updates

Fixed bug in search function
Further Item Link refinement
Trad Chinese Update
Minor updates/bug fixes/corrected typos

Lootlink fix
Update to way Item Links in chat are handled
Minor updates and corrections

Trad. Chinese Update
Many updates and fixes

Trad. Chinese bugfix
Minor updates and fixes

Fixed a bug with the Terokkar Forest PvP loot table
Removed obsolete data
Minor loot updates

Fixes for French and Spanish
Minor loot updates

Made the loot browser submenu persist when open and closed, only resets on relog
Partial French support (less likely to crash, but still mostly English)

Capped debugging spam for those with tainted interfaces

Updated for Atlas 1.9.1

Updated for WoW Patch 2.01.00
Early data for the Black Temple, Hyjal Summit and new factions (note: Black Temple data only available via loot browser, no Atlas map yet)
Added Crafted Sets and more pre-60 sets
AtlasLootFu now built-in, no longer required seperately so delete any seperate AtlasLootFu folder
All localisation is done via AceLocale and Babble
Switched to a Dewdrop menu for the standalone loot browser
Rep Factions split into Original WoW and Burning Crusade
Major Loot Updates
Major Code revisions
Drop Rates for all 5 mans + Kara + Gruul's Lair (take Heroic drop rates with a grain of salt due to small sample sizes)

Support for Atlas 1.9
Simp. Chinese Update
Added Pre-60 Sets to the collections menu (with help from Celellach)
Heroic Toggle now sticky (if you select a heroic table, all subsequent tables will be heroic [if available] until you switch back to normal)
Loot updates

German fix
Loot update
Loot browser now toggles with minimap button and is closed with 'ESC' key

Made searching case insensitive
Major loot update
Added new LvL 70 PvP and Arena Sets for healers
Adjusted Arena weapon prices in line with patch 2.0.10

Support for AtlasExtras
Added search function (see 'Using AtlasLoot Search.txt' for limitation, etc)
Changed the way the minimap button is shown and hidden in an attempt to throw off addons that 'latch on' to the button and keep it shown.
Big Trad. Chinese update
Karazhan revamp
Huge Heroic Mode update
Added lvl60 Shaman PvP set for Alliance and lvl60 Paladin PvP set for horde
Updated lvl70 PvP reward prices
Added drop rates for Ramparts and Blood Furnace

Support for AtlasCoT
Fixed the Priest T4 loot table
Updated the Violet Eye rep rewards
Many minor additions and corrections

New version of AtlasLootFu (thanks Myrathi)
Added a Tabard section
Big French update
Many minor additions and corrections

Added support for AtlasTempestKeep
Added drop locations for most Dungeon Set 3 pieces
Renamed to Addons folder to (hopefully) resolve Cosmos patcher issues
Added High King Maulgar in Gruul's Lair
Hellfire Ramparts revise to move Vazruden and Nazan's loot tables into the chest

Urgent fix for the French client (Hegarol broke it!)

Added support for AtlasAuchindoun
Made the AtlasLoot Panel toggle slightly smaller
Re-enabled lvl70 PvP rewards
Many minor updates

Hacked clickable boss names into Atlas
Fixed a bug with the options menu
Minor Updates

Updated to support the latest version of ItemSync

Fix for the Atlas version check

Bug fix for Alphamap users

Updated to work with Atlas 1.8.6 (still completely Alphamap compatible)
Added optional FuBar Support (install AtlasLootFu to use it)
Added Toggle button for the AtlasLoot panel
Item set menus have been revamped for flexibility
Refined right-click server query
Unsafe items are now indicated with a red box around the icon
Item icons are now slightly bigger
Instance loot tables now split into 3 files for easier maintainence
Added the Keepers of Time
Added the Hydraxian Waterlords
Added the Bloodsail Pirates
Added the Scale of the Sands
Added Dungeon Set 3
Added lvl70 PvP Armor sets (Hidden as the items have since been removed from the game)
Added lvl70 PvP Accessories (Hidden as the items have since been removed from the game)
Added lvl70 PvP Non-set Epics (Hidden as the items have since been removed from the game)
Complete Tier 4
Complete Tier 5
Added loot tables for the Shadow Labyrinth
Added loot tables for the Shattered Halls
Added loot tables for the Steamvault
Added loot tables for the Mechanar
Added loot tables for the Botanica
Added loot tables for the Arcatraz
Added loot tables for Karazhan
Added loot tables for Hellfire Ramparts (Heroic Mode)
All Rep factions revised
Price displayed for PvP Armor sets and weapons
Price displayed for Arena PvP sets
Price displayed for Battleground rewards
Price displayed for Heroic Mode token turn-ins
Price displayed for World PvP rewards
Darkmoon Faire Ticket rewards now have prices displayed
Minor updates to 'old world' loot tables
Battleground rewards revamped

Removed a minor Lootlink integration bug

Updated for Atlas 1.8.5
Updated for WoW 2.0
Various code refinements
Added Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Slave Pens and Underbog loot tables
Added loot tables for Mana-Tombs, Crypts and Escape from Durnholde
Added loot tables for Sethekk Halls
Added Heroic Mode Instance Token Turn-ins
Added Sporeggar Faction
Added Cenarion Expedition Faction
Added Kurenai Faction
Added Honor Hold Faction
Added Thrallmar Faction
Added Tranquillien Faction
Added Scryer Faction
Added Aldor Faction
Added the Mag'har Faction
Added the Consortium Faction
Added the Lower City Faction
All World PvP Rewards added
Added Partial list of Tier 4 set pieces
Added Partial list of Arena PvP set pieces

Update for Atlas 1.8.5
Fixed bug in Sunken Temple
Added Plugger to the Grim Guzzler
Added new User Interface
Added Cosmos Integration code
Added Minimap Button

Fixed chatlink bug

Major internal changes
Seperate section for PvP rewards
French Update
Korean Update

Update for Atlas 1.8.4
Added the option to make the loot table background opaque
Added the option to show itemIDs at all times
Tome of Conjure Food VII Added
Fixed up Ring of the Earthshatterer
Fixed Darkmoon Faire typos
Alphamap Compatibility Update

Atlas 1.8.3 compatibility update
Added AQ Opening quest chain to the AQ40 page
Trad. Chinese and German updates

Atlas 1.8.2 compatibility update
Consolidation of AD rewards

Added Book of Ferocious Bite V
Fixed T1 BoE bug
Update to T0 descriptions
Trash Mob data added to most instances (thanks to Coani for the research)
BRD Arena event fixed up, Houndmaster Grebmar dropped due to lack of space
New Reputation Tab Added
Added Rep rewards for all factions (thanks condor2k for finishing the research)
Naxx Update
Korean Update
German Update
French Update

Included a small database of all AQ40 and Naxx tooltips as these items cannot always be queried with a right-click
Legendary Item page added in the 'Item Sets' window
Naxx Update
French Update

Fixed a Zevrim Thornhoof typo
Added the recipes Lieutenant General Andorov sells
Made T0 trash drops more specific (where possible)
HUGE Naxx update
Minor German update
Change to make AtlasLoot frames work with AtlasQuest frames
Change to set display for external mods

Fixed the Lootlink bug some were having
Headings no longer bring up tooltip fragments
Added Brood of Nozdormu Rings to the AQ40 page

Right-clicking an unsafe item will attempt to get tooltip data from the server
Attempted improvements in Lootlink use in non-english clients (thanks KKram!)
Naxx Update
Updates for all localisations except Korean

All you need to do is right click an item.  If it is in your local cache already,
you will just see a note saying the item is safe.  If the item needs to be fetched
from the server, you will see a message to that effect.  Keep right clicking until
that message goes away.

If you have right clicked on an item that has not dropped on your server (or in your
battlegroup) you will either be disconnected or the 'querying server' message will
not go away no matter how many time you click.

The introduction of cross server battlegrounds has brought some interesting
challenges as far as loot linking goes.  In many cases, you can get the tooltip
for an item as someone in your battlegroup has it, but you cannot link it in a
chat channel as it has not dropped on your server.  As a result, I can no longer
guarantee safe item linking, only safe viewing of tooltip data

Updated version check for Atlas 1.8.1

Changed (no iteminfo) to (unsafe) in the English translation as the old text was confusing people
Expanded drop rates in Naxx to a few more bosses well and truly on farm
Fixed Armaments and Regalia drop rates in AQ40
Added error tooltip for 'unsafe' item links
Minor formatting changes
French Update
German Update

New directory structure
Minor loot re-arranging to accomodate changes to Atlas 1.8
World Boss tables now accessible through GUI
Added Death Knight Darkreaver to Scholo
Added Lord Hel'nurath to DMW
Tier 0.5 Set Added
Drop locations added to T0, T1, T2 and T3 set descriptions
Fixed major XML bug
Added PvP Weapons
Added menu to access all sets and the options screen
Small fix for non-Atlas mods
Chinese, German, English and French pretty much up to date

German, French and Chinese (Trad. and Simp.) updates
Naxx fixes

Added PvP, T2, T1, T0 Armour sets (thanks to Asurn for helping with data assimilation)
Removed the default 'Boss:' prefix from headers that didn't need them
Trad. Chinese Update

French, German and Trad. Chinese updates

Bigger Buttons
Fixed problem for external addons hooking into Atlasloot
Attempted fix for Noth text in the German client, let me know if it works.
Attempted fix for localisation of set names, let me know if it works
Fixed framestrata error appearing in FrameXML.log
Simp. Chinese update

Set interface re-programmed
Added T3 Sets to Naxx page
Added the Observer to DM North on Gordok's table
Simp. Chinese Update
Naxx Update

VanCleef's Head graphic fixed.
Added ZG NR Enchant
Added Ribbly Screwspigot
Added Rockshard Pellets and Murloc Skin Bag
German Update
French Update and bugfix

Fixed a number of typos
Viper, Defias and Scarlet sets added.
Localised armor set text
Quest items needed for armor sets localised
Reordering of some boss loot
Naxx updated

German update for Atlas v1.7.5
Bug fix for people without Atlas installed
Drop Rates added to SFK, RC, SM, Uld, RFD, ZF, Mara, ST, Deadmines, WC, BFD, Stockade and Gnomeregan (thanks Pownas!)
Naxx Update

Korean Update
German Update
French Update
Major XML and LUA reworking (HUGE Props to Telic for the ideas and most of the implementation)
Stub for Fixed price DKP entry
Added BRD Houndmaster
Fixed some dodgy MC colouring
More Naxx data :-)

Simp. Chinese Update
French Update
More Naxx data :-)
Added BRD Princess

French Update
Korean Update
German Update
Updated Ouro Loot
Updated Naxx Loot
Added Tablet of Flame Shock VI
Added better bag descriptions and Binding of the Windseeker description
Added Libram of Divinity

Fixed Red Dragonscale Breastplate (en)
Trad. Chinese Update
Added Primal Hakkari Idol
Added the Polymorph: Turtle book for Mages
Added some more Naxx data
Added data to the Grim Guzzler in BRD
Added Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz in ZF (en)
Added a missing Ouro drop

Updated Simp. Chinese
Added new ZG drops
Fixed popup bug on non-english clients

Fixed ZF to mach Atlas v1.7.4
Seperated the Tier 0.5 Summonables to match Atlas v1.7.4 English (other languages as soon as Atlas is ready)
Now checks the Atlas version is compatible.
Completed WSG Pants Data
Filled in some gaps in Naxx

Fix to match Atlas v1.7.4 UBRS changes
Upgraded ZG and AQ20 Sets to Epic Quality.

Trad. Chinese Update
Updated toc for patch 1.11

Added Warsong Gulch Rep Rewards
Added Zandalar Signets
Added ZG Trash drops
Added BRD Chests
Minor AQ Corrections
Implemented Phase One of database and localisation optimisations
French and German Updates
Reordering and cleanup of loot tables.

Updated French localisation

Bug fixed CORRECTLY this time :-)

Minor bugfix
Minor German update

Updated German, Korean, Simp. Chinese and Trad. Chinese translations
Drop Rate text localised
Safe item links now enabled by default

Added Alterac Valley Rep Rewards and Arathi Basin Rep Rewards (lvl60)
Added Stubs for Naxxramas loot using all the test server data I could find

Updated Traditional Chinese and Korean translations
Fix to boss names having the first couple of letters cut off in the German translation.

Updated German, Simp. Chinese and Trad. Chinese translations
Now asks for setup when run for the first time.
Added Dire Maul Books
Tweaked Lootlink Handling
Re-arrangement of AQ20 Class Sets
AQ and ZG Class Sets now labeled with class name
Moved Solekar Flamewreath to his own table (de only)
Added AQ Enchants
Added Tier 0.5 Quest Summonables
Added ZG Enchants

Updated French, German, Simp. Chinese and Korean translations
Added Ace of Warlords, Ace of Portals

Updated French and German localisations
Added Smoking Heart of the Mountain to Lord Roccor (BRD)
Added Solakar Flamewreaths loot to 'Father Flame' on UBRS
Added Cat Carrier to Cookie (Deadmines)
Added Thick Obsidian Breastplate plans to Skeram (AQ40)
Added Onyxia Hide Backpack to Onyxia
Added Pusillin's unique drops to 'Pusillin Chase Ends' DM East
Added Knot Thimblejack's Cache
Flagged and seperated T0 loot in UBRS (en, de)
Added better profession descriptions on plans/schematics/etc (en,de)

Fixed some more typos in the English version
Updated German Translation
Added World Spawns in anticipation of a new Atlas version and to give translators time to work on it.

Updated Simplified Chinese translation
Fixed a number of typos in the English translation

Added Traditional Chinese support

Font fix for asian languages (I hope!)

Updated Korean Translation
Better use of artwork (now an atlas symbol next to bosses with loot)

Fixed minor xml oversight

Added Chinese translation from unauthorised thewow.cn version

Slight positioning change to deal with long text (like in ZG)
Added details to ZG item sets

Added Korean localisation provided by k2hyun
Fixed French localisation to work with Atlas 1.7.2
Added a symbol to the right of boss line to indicate if there is loot. Changes color to indicate currently selected boss.

Added AQ40 Class Set

Updated French and German Translations
Added AQ20 and ZG Class Sets
Minor changes to fit Atlas 1.7.2

Updated French and German Translations
Converted all text strings to global variables for translation
Partial translation of the Options menu
English localisation cleanup

Fixed Options screen bug regarding optional dependancies being removed
Fixed MC Random Boss Items
Updated German translation (thanks Asurn)

Review of English localisation. Fixed some bugs and layout issues.

Patch 1.11 Ready!
Reorder and cleanup of MC (en)
Fixed Felheart Slippers bug
Fixed Blessed Qiraji Warhammer bug
AtlasLoot no longer overwrites the colour of the text in Atlas. This was prompted by the awesome looking Naxx map with coloured text in Atlas 1.7. Clickable bosses still highlight on mouseover though.

Random Boss loot in MC added
Scholo complete
ZG Summonables added
Total revamp of German translation (thanks Asurn)

DM North Fix (de)

Minor xml update
Fixed floating Options title
Fixed the boss titles
Added start of Scholo

Fixed bug causing tooltips to scroll off the edge of the screen.
Minor Thekal fix

Atlas 1.7 Compliant
Added bug fix to deal with Atlas's new startup
Fix to DM North (de) due to text change in Atlas 1.7
Fix to SM (de) due to text change in Atlas 1.7
Added missing UD Strat loot

Minor bug fixes with the German client
Sorting of lbrs loot

Fixed minor bug in German client.

Completed Strat and LBRS leaving only Scholo to do
NUMEROUS loot fixes
Fixed bug with boss names not displaying properly

Fix AQ20 Formatting
Fix AQ20 for German Client

Dressing Room Support (control-click on items)
Item Highlighting on mouseover
French Localization file
Ability to turn off EquipCompare (except with ItemSync tooltips as ItemSync uses the GameTooltip)
Added asurn's data: UBRS, Strat (partial), DM Tribute and many drop rates (That was AWESOME)

MASSIVE cleanup of the code base
Added AQ40 Trash drops
Added ZG Shared drops (Primal Hakkari Stuff)
Added AQ20 Class Books

Added support for EquipCompare

Fixed bug where atlasloot was highjacking the /atlas command

Fixed problem with Garr
Added drop rates to Blackwing Lair
Added Blackwing Lair Trash Mobs epic drops

Fixed ZG Bug
Added code to allow drop rate to be added to tooltips, regardless of tooltip mode.

Huge thank-you to asurn for DM, BRD and Shadowfang info

-First Version, same as Pernicius's v1.03a version, but without the ItemSync tooltip bug

Additional Files

Type Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.59 MB Aug 14, 2010 3.3.5 7,541