This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Current Status

Assessment is currently broken, and you should not try to use it yet. Here is what needs to be done before it will work:

Convert to Ace3Convert to combat log APINotes
Core Done
Roster DoneQuick conversion of long-defunct RosterLib. Needs to be rewritten.
Tags Done
Core Modules
CombatTime Done
DisplaySets Done
GroupMembers Done
Display Modules
BarInterface Not DoneIn progress.
Data Modules
Activity Done Done
Aura Done DoneNeeds testing.
CrowdControl Done Done
CustomColorType Done
Damage Done Done
Death Not Done Not Done
Dispel Done Done
Gain Done Done
Guild Done
Healing Done DoneNeeds support for absorbs, maybe as a separate module.
Interrupt Done Done
Offline Done
Threat Not Done Not DoneNeeds more extensive work to use modern threat API instead of long-defunct ThreatLib.
Unit Data Done
Extra Modules
BigWigs Not DoneMay add support for other popular boss mods.
Broker Done
SoloHide DoneShould probably be merged into Core or BarDisplay.

Please do not submit any tickets about any components/modules which are marked as Not Done in the above table.


Assessment is a comprehensive combat monitor addon. It is written in a modular fashion, allowing for many different types of data collection and presentation.

The default presentation is a familiar bar list, with convenient features like navigating through left- and right-clicks, a favorites list for quick access to different data views, easy reporting to any channel, multiple windows, and a Broker plugin.

Data views are defined through a highly flexible tagging system. If a view you want isn't predefined by a module, it's likely you can create it.

Included modules

  • Activity — Damage Activity, Healing Activity, Average Instant DPS, Average Instant HPS
  • Aura Uptimes
  • Crowd Control — Crowd Control Breaks
  • Damage — Avoidance, Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, DPS, Group DPS, Highest Hits
  • Deaths — Death Recent Event Log, Flat Death List, Kills
  • Dispels
  • Healing — Healing Done, Healing Received, Overhealing Done, Raw Healing Done
  • Interrupts
  • Power Gains
  • Threat

To-Do List

  1. Convert all modules to Ace3 and COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED
  2. Add collection and display of Absorbs data
  3. Merge pet data on display, not on collect, so it can be toggled on the fly
  4. Rewrite SoloHide module as a general purpose "hide and/or pause when <condition>" module
  5. Rewrite RosterLib properly, tailored to Assessment's needs; see GridRoster for ideas
  6. Convert CLEU handlers to use table lookups instead of huge if/then blocks
  7. Convert everything to use GUID/spellID instead of unit/spell name
  8. Possibly convert module CLEU registrations into a single CLEU registration in the core, needs investigation into efficiency
  9. Organize translations better in files, and add to web localization app
  10. Write some documentation for tags etc.

How to report a bug

Submit a ticket. Please read the instructions first, fill in all of the requested information, and remember to check back on your ticket in case I need more information!

Please do not submit any tickets about any components/modules which are marked as Not Done in the above table. I already know they don't work!

How to suggest a feature

Sugguestions for new features are not being considered at this time. Please wait until Assessment is in a more functional state.


  • Roartindon — original author
  • Vivianne — Activity module
  • Durcyn — initial CLEU conversion of some modules

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